Wants to Hit the Books...No Matter What

From the Central District News, a story of a student (age unknown) who was getting mugged - at gunpoint - but asked if he could take his books on music theory and chemistry from the backpack. This was at 23rd and Main.

Give this student an A for admiration for wanting to keep his books, a B for bravery and a C for crazy to ask two men with a gun to hold on.


BettyR said…
and I'll give the cops an F for taking the books as evidence.
Anonymous said…
A C? Do you have any idea what a gun threat means??? Death vs. books is an F-- if you get the wrong answer. I like recreational pistol shooting, so it's not gun-phobia talking, but you're f'ing stupid if you think there is anything non-crazy about arguing with someone pointing a gun at you.

Maybe he had a good read about how much they would mind a polite request to keep those books, but it's hard to believe that didn't cross the line from brave to dumb recklessness.

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