High School Credit Victory!

I got a letter yesterday from Chief Academic Officer Susan Enfield advising me that my daughter will be awarded 0.5 high school credits for the French class she took in the eighth grade last year.

From her letter:
It was the intention of staff and at least some Board members that the policies approved in October 2009 were not to go into effect until fall of 2010, allowing the technical changes and review of courses to be in place before credit could be received. However, after further review of the Board Action Report for this item, it seems clear that it was stated that the policies would go into effect immediately upon approval.
High school level classes taken in middle school during the 2009-2010 school year are eligible for high school credit. The student does have to petition the Board for the credit and does have to wait until they are enrolled in a Seattle School District high school to make the petition, but the credit will be awarded if it meets the criteria.

Maybe it isn't ALL futile.


dan dempsey said…
So Mr. Mas after perpetually beating your head against the wall, you made a crack. Congratulations !!! Job well done as always ... but this time with official results as well. Simply Amazing.
Jet City mom said…
lordy, I know other school districts don't make people jump through such hoops- but great news Charlie, you made a dent!
seattle said…
This was all you Charlie. If you didn't pursue this with such persistence it never would have happened. Not for you daughter or any other children in the district. Not in 2009/10, 2011 or later because the district simply did not want to do it.

You won! Thanks!
Great news, Charlie, you little squeaky wheel.
none1111 said…
Squeaky wheel? That's so cute! It's like calling the Pacific Ocean "that nice little pond over by Aberdeen".

Way to go Charlie. I don't know that we'll use it personally, but I'm happy to see it's available for those who do want to take advantage.

The thing that irks me more than anything about this is the speed (or lack thereof) of action. How long did it take to figure out a simple thing like when the policies were supposed to go into effect? A year? And yet when someone like TfA comes into town and says they need everything signed off in a few weeks, SPS mounts up, turns on the sirens and drives over anyone in the way to get to the "fire". Grrr.
None1111, thanks for that funny description. A good laugh.
dan dempsey said…
Dear none1111,

Many of us continually run over by those on the way to the fire appreciate your great description.


(I believe the Fire Truck has this sign on the side: "Oligarchy R Us")
{Those advocating for a republic take cover.}
Come One Come All said…
People should also know that the high school credit comes high school grades. The credit transfers, but so does the grade for that glass into high school GPA.

Be forewarned, particularly those who have B's and C's in math or biology... If the credit moves with you to high school, so does the grade.
Jan said…
Come One Come All: I think that is the "beauty" of having to petition for the credit. If you did the work -- and want the grade on your hs transcript -- you can go for it. If you did the work but were still treating grades like they are not important, you can pass.

Good work Charlie.
Cara said…
I petitioned the board also back in September so my son could get HS credit for 2 years of Spanish 1 in MS. I hope they get back to me soon too.
Charlie Mas said…
Cara, you may need to appeal the denial.

Ask the Board for the appeal of the denial by sending the request for the appeal to Board President Michael DeBell. You should probably also copy Dr. Enfield.

You can give a lot of reasons for the appeal, or you can simply say that you know that they granted mine.

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