Monday, November 29, 2010

Seattle Times Guest Column by Randy Dorn

Randy Dorn, our state Superintendent of Public Instruction wrote a guest column for the Times. You'll never believe it, but he argued in favor of fully funding public K-12 education.


The First Arnold said...

Read Senate Bill 6696. It is a bunch of Arne Duncan's RTTT crap- look around page 19.

WAY too much Federal influence.

We can't hold back this non-sense.

Central Mom said...

More blah blah blah from Dorn as to why he won't be instituting the math and science graduation tests (he's talked about it a million times), a plea for money (without a particularly effective argument), and some political pr maneuvering to try to make both Ed Reform and Non-Ed-Reform parties think that He's The Man.

It was a seriously weak OpEd piece and I continue to think that he's not an especially strong OSPI head. Just a politician maneuvering. I am not enchanted.