Thursday, November 04, 2010

A Little TFA Humor from The Office

Don't know why but there was a TFA reference in this week's episode of "The Office."

Ryan, the former temp, listening to a student minister speak at a reception whispers to Michael, the manager, "TFA girls are way hotter...but nuts."


Chris S. said...

Here is a very interesting (and two-sided) conversation about TFA.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Thanks Chris; lots of good stuff there.

Charlie Mas said...

I'm sure that other people noticed this. During the public testimony on Teach for America you could tell which side people were speaking for based entirely on their clothes. Based even just on their shoes.

Did you also notice how all of the TfA alum addressed their remarks to the Directors, the superintendent and the Seattle Public Schools community?

Maureen said...

Based even just on their shoes.

They did look pretty good. ..... Hey! I'm offended! :)

They were very earnest. I was a lot like that before I had kids! Except I have never dressed very well.

SolvayGirl said...

AFter reading the blog Chris linked to I'm still a bit confused as to the need for TFA here in Seattle. The commenters keep talking about TFA and "inner-city schools." Maybe I am naive, but I don't consider many of the SPS schools to be inner-city schools.

As I've always said on this blog, Seattle is an anomaly in that it does not have ghettos—even the diverse Southend (a place I proudly call home) would not come close to identifying with the barrios and ghettos of major cities like Chicago, LA, Detroit, and even San Antonio (where I lived for 15 years).

The community at RBHS is working to attract back the 800+ kids who shunned the school (and those waiting in the wings). Those 800 kids represent the extreme diversity of the RBHS attendance area (everything from the ├╝ber-wealthy to those that qualify for FRL). If they manage to attract even half of those kids back, do you think those families who fled for Sealth et al would be thrilled with TFA teachers? With 9-hr days, 1/2 day weekends and three weeks in summer?

We aren't Chicago, or Detroit or LA. I don't believe TFA is the program for Seattle.

Melissa Westbrook said...

Solvay, I have made that point often. I think Dr. Goodloe-Johnson picked Seattle because it is in an urban area but not truly an "urban" district. We are nothing like LA, Chicago or D.C. We have problems but nothing like those districts.

wsnorth said...

"The community at RBHS is working to attract back the 800+ kids who shunned the school (and those waiting in the wings)."

What is the community doing? What can it do without (apparent) district support?

Before West Seattle got totally broadsided by NSAP, we worked really hard to get IB at Sealth, for instance, and that is going well.

Charlie Mas said...

The Rainier Beach community effort to attract students to the high school continues on the evening of November 10 when they hold a public meeting. The primary topic of discussion at that meeting will be the question:

What do YOU want at Rainier Beach High School?

This is a question that the District never asked and, frankly, refuses to ask. It is, however, the correct first step to attracting families and students to the school.

What would Rainier Beach have to offer for you to choose it for your child?

I could guess what people will say, but I'm ready to be corrected with the real answer from the people themselves.

My guess would be: a safe campus and an appropriate academic opportunity.

They may want some other stuff, but all of that other stuff is covered by the District's "academic assurances". What isn't getting assured and what people are missing is safety and an academic opportunity.