Some Upcoming Dates

Want to meet all Dr. Goodloe-Johnson's supporters? Go to her 'State of the District' event at Mercer Middle School on November 9th from 6-7 p.m. I'm sure you'll see all the usual suspects there to back her up.

The news release about this event had this gem:

"The plan, which included input from more than 3,000 stakeholders, was developed to ensure that all of our students graduate ready for college and careers. "

Voice from the back: Okay if that's true why do we have so many teacher coaches (100+) and not enough student coaches? Why did we get rid of the Career Counselors whose job it was to help students "graduate ready for college and careers"? Why did we get rid of some of our elementary counselors? Just asking.

Also, from the Seattle Times (because of course it was nowhere to be found at the SPS website):

One of Seattle School District’s meetings to provide information and hear comments on the Student Assignment Transition Plan has been rescheduled. The meeting that was to take place Thursday November 4th at Ballard High School will be held instead:

Monday, Nov. 22 at Ingraham High, 1819 N. 135 St., Seattle, from 6:30-8 p.m. (this is the NW Regional Meeting)


BigB said…
In all fairness, the rescheduling was actually on the updated news release since Friday. The date range for the announcement on the Get Involved page had also been updated to begin on the 8th instead of the 4th.
Maureen said…
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