Urgent! Reporter Looking for Parents to Talk about School Reports

Deborah Horne at KIRO-tv is looking for parents willing to speak on camera about their reactions to the school reports. She needs a call by 3 p.m. and would want to see you by 3:30 p.m. (she could probably meet you at your child's school).

Call her if you are interested, 206-718-9606.


dan dempsey said…
Breaking News-
Joel Klein is stepping down as NYC Chancellor of schools after 8 years.

He will be replaced by incoming NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black.
Sahila said…
love the rich educational background school chancellors seem to have!
Sahila said…
Cathie Black - Chairman, Hearst Corporation Magazines Division

dan dempsey said…
Breaking News Alert
The New York Times
Tue, November 09, 2010 -- 3:56 PM ET

Cathie Black, Publishing Executive, to Replace Joel I. Klein as New York City Schools Chancellor

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein is resigning and leaving city government and will be replaced by Cathie Black, the former publisher of USA Today and chairwoman of Hearst Magazines, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced this afternoon. Mr. Klein, in turn, will become the executive vice president of the News Corporation.

The mayor called Ms. Black "a superstar manager" and added, "There's no one who knows more about the skills our children will need to succeed in the 21st-century economy."

[{ but does this lady have even the slightest clue about how children learn or what teaching is really about?}] {The good news is she is likely not worse than MGJ}

The mayor lauded Mr. Klein for taking a "dysfunctional" system and turning it into "one that the Obama administration has hailed as a national model."

Read More HERE
Central Mom said…
Klein's resignation apparently shocked the Feds.

And this line from the NYT story should get tongues wagging among our local Ed Privitization watchers.

"Mr. Klein, 64, said his job at News Corporation would be to develop “strategy to put them in the education marketplace.”
h2o girl said…
News Corps? So now Rupert Murdoch will be joining the education reform movement? Lord help us.
is this cronyism? what up with the trading jobs business?
Sahila said…
I'd remind people to go back and look at Dora and Sue's Lines of Influence drawings, for Seattle and nationally...

Lines of Influence

You can check the Broad and Gates infiltration via their own websites and other sources, such as:

faces of school reform




Gates and DOE

And it is time we did another one, this time focusing on business interference in education...

This is cronyism... and more than that - its the final push to corporatise everything in this country...

Education and Social Security were the last quasi-public institutions left that had been roped off from capitalists...

Education has fallen to the vultures and social security will be next...

Oligarchy here we are...

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