Monday, July 18, 2011

91% of Eligible South Seattle/South King County Students Sign Up for College Bound Scholarship

Good news from The Road Map Project.  One of their efforts is to make sure that as many eligible students as possible sign up for the College Bound Scholarships.  Looks like it paid off as a record 91% of eligible students signed up (as compared with 74% lat year).  Thank you to everyone who reminded a kid or their PTA.

The scholarship will cover students who pledge to graduate from high school, demonstrate good citizenship and seek admission to a college.

The area covered includes South Seattle, Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Renton, and Tukwila.  Tukwila signs up 100% of all eligible students while Auburn climbed from 38% to 67%.  Over 3900 student signed-up. 

The Seattle schools covered are Secondary BOC, Merce, Aki Kurose, Orca, South Shore, Washington and Denny.  Secondary BOC, Mercer, and Aki Kurose enrolled 100% of their eligible students.  South Seattle schools overall went from 91% to 95%.


Anonymous said...

This is nice news to hear! Congratulations to all the kids and families who made this happen. Now I hope to see that these kids do in fact graduate and seek a college education (if that is what they want). I hope that there are sufficient supports for these students, but I am certainly not holding my breath.

On a side note, it is fascinating to see what threads attract immediate and numerous commentary (anything APP for instance) and those that do not. Though certainly not scientific, I believe it does provide some indication of where the demographic of this blog lies.


Josh Hayes said...

Good for them - an energetic young woman had an active table at Pinehurst's graduation ceremony and ambushed every kid and parent who walked by, getting them to sign up. It's this kind of dogged face to face recruitment that really produces results, not stupid robocalls. Kudos to the Road Map Project if they're the ones responsible! Let's keep kids moving forward!

(Oh, and Pinehurst, of course, is in the "North End", although the demographics of the school are far from typical for that region.)

wsnorth said...

This is a great program. Does anyone know where the funding comes from? Will this end up as another broken promise from the State of WA?