Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Candidate Web Site Update

Peter Maier has added some PRIORITIES FOR YEARS AHEAD to his campaign web site. I recommend reading them; they're pretty funny. It's all of the stuff that he refused to do for the past three years.

Sherry Carr counts setting goals as an achievement. This is exactly the cognitive delusion that plagues the District. They cannot distinguish between setting a goal and meeting a goal. They set it, and then they celebrate it as if they had achieved it. After the celebration they have no interest in actually working towards it. Director Carr also claims that she has "demonstrated fiscal responsibility". I wonder if she is thinking more about the millions pissed away on pet projects while cutting supports in classrooms, the millions pissed away closing and re-opening schools, the millions pissed away in the RSBDP, or the millions pissed away with the below-market sale of MLK Elementary. Nice fiscal responsibility. She also claims to have demonstrated leadership. This is the kind of leadership in which you do everything the superintendent tells you to do without questioning it. She also claims that the District has increased accountability in the wake of the RSBDP scandal. Really? Then why did they repeat all of the same mistakes with the Urban League again? Services started before the contract was approved, the invoices are vague, and the monthly invoices are all for the same amounts. What lessons were learned?

Harium Martin-Morris has identified his priorities and, like Director Maier, they are all of the things that he has obstinately refused to do for the past three years. He says he wants to streamline board policies to make them more enforceable, but he refuses to enforce them. He says that he wants to improve communication with the public, but he's the one who is refusing to communicate. He says he wants to support alternative schools but he has been damaging them and has closed two. He says he wants to ensure we have capacity, but he closed schools.

Steve Sundquist has nothing new. Not now, not ever.


Melissa Westbrook said...

"To ensure these priorities and efficiencies and to search for new ways to save resources, the Board needs to closely oversee the Superintendent and District staff."

Wow, Peter. NOW you want to step up?

Where was this voice the last 4 years as you rubberstamped MGJ's work?

Where was this voice when you read the Sutor Group Report and didn't think it necessary to advise your colleagues to do the same?

I have to honestly say I never before heard Peter take credit for crafting the teachers' contract. (He may have; he's a lawyer but this is the first I hear about it.)

He talks about "innovation" schools but I have yet to see Enfield or any of the Board define that term. It's the term de jour for the ed reform crowd so maybe that's who he's speaking to here.

And Charlie is right - claiming financial oversight is the wrong claim to make. A little humble pie might go a long way but apparently this Board is taking a page from the last Board majority who got exited. "not our fault". Maybe not your fault but where was the oversight?

I got asked recently if the costs around Pottergate might have been lessened if they had caught him sooner. I said maybe but my real sorrow (and concern) is that he wasn't stopped sooner. There were so many opportunities and nothing was done by both staff and the Board.

This Board needs to be accountable and if the incumbents running won't be in their campaign literature (Sherry at least has some nuance to what she says), then maybe the voters will hold them accountable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Bonfire of Vanities (Seattle redux). We already have a motley cast of characters, parallel plots, and neighborhoods. No shortage of pomp, circumstances, bumbling do gooders, and opportunists serving turds as caviar.


Kathy said...

Peter should add:

"I've contributed to significant district losses."

"In times of growing enrollment, I sold MLK to the lowest bidder. In addition, I've committed the district to continued legal expenses over the sale of this property,"

" Despite an audit that pointed to increasing fiscal and operational incompetence, I extended MGJ's contract. This action cost the tax payers an additional quarter of a million dollars. Maria Goodloe Johnson will be enjoying her new wardrobe..compliments of our tax-payers."

"I set this district on a fiscally non-sustainable path. As a result, we will see continued cuts to our classrooms."

"The district uses a 3 year enrollment average to distribute funds to our classrooms. I see no reason to insist the district provide funding based on this year's enrollment. We'll let our schools starve...while central HQ retains these funds for pet projects."

"I will blame ALL classroom cuts on decreased funding. I will not articulate my involvement with mismanagement of district funds."

"I will support K-5 music alignment..while eliminating 1/3 per pupil funding and elementary school counselors."

Kathy said...

Bt the way..In times of historic cuts to education, Peter supported a $19M teacher contract. The contract states funding will be provided via Supplemental Levy, TIF and "other funds".

Over the next 2 years, we're expected to see further cuts to education. I've heard about possible mid-year cuts.

This contract includes merit pay which has NOT helped close the achievement gap.

One year later the state seeks to cut teacher salaries. Most likely, our classrooms will absorb these cuts.

So Peter..How is this working out?

Anonymous said...

Peter's website states:
"Newly opened school buildings will provide opportunities for innovation. for example by piloting an alternative text books for math. The District should also continue to build programs for language immersion, science and technology (STEM), and career and technical education."

His website also mentions that the district should expand the walk to math programs that he reports currently exist in 13 elementaries.

Are there some newly opened schools using different math materials? Which schools? And I know there was talk about a presentation on walk to math in the district. Does anyone know what was presented at that meeting or if there is a presentation online for this? I can't find anything on the new website.


Charlie Mas said...

It's pretty clear that the incumbents are not going to be running on their records. They won't be talking about their failures to oversee, their failure to govern, or their failure to represent the community.

In addition, it doesn't seem that anyone will be confronting them on their records because there won't be any candidate forums and the local press interviews are all softball.

Po3 said...

Running on the promise of new math books in newly reopened schools leaves me speechless.

dan dempsey said...

I sure did like looking over the endorsing individuals and organizations backing Peter Maier.

.... It was so enlightening. Now I know all these PM backers are either completely clueless or have remarkably low performance standards.

It is much clearer why the State Legislature passed the Common Core State Standards with folks like these in the legislature.

Is continually lying to the public an "Innovation"?

Looks like PM has set himself up to spend another $165,000 on his 2011 campaign.... as PM is an "Ed Reform" parrot and has the backing of many incumbents.

.... Apparently David Blomstrom's theory of government in Seattle, KC, and WA state is not nearly as far off as I've believed it to be. (WOW!! is this a really sad situation or what?)

want to know more said...

In addition, it doesn't seem that anyone will be confronting them on their records because there won't be any candidate forums and the local press interviews are all softball.

Are you sure about no candidate forums? Really?

The private meet-and-greet last week with several of the candidates was great. Many of the non-incumbant candidates attended, and it was a great opportunity to hear them speak, answer questions and discuss SPS issues in general.

I believe there is interest in doing something similar on a larger scale. Are there any organizer-types who might be up for arranging a venue? Or perhaps even putting together a full candidate forum as we've had in previous years?

It would be great if something could be put on before the primary, although that's certainly ambitious.

Kathy said...

There will be a meet and greet for Sharon Peaslee this Friday from 6:30-8:30.

For more information contact Robert Murphy at: