Parent Summit

The Seattle Alliance of Black School Educators, in partnership with Seattle Public Schools, will be holding a Parent Summit on August 20 at Cleveland High School. Topics will include parent and family engagement, Seattle Public Schools initiatives, early learning education, and much more.

More information here.


Anonymous said…
This will be an excellent opportunity to alert parents and the community about TFA and how they plan to "rescue" their students from the achievement gap by sending in unqualified and untrained teachers to experiment on their children.

--RBHS PTA please spread the word
mas raden said…
very true, education of children not to be exercised but from the beginning should be well planned, the selection of teachers and playmates who will selectively take your child become a successful figure
Regarding Anonymous "--RBHS PTA please spread the word"

We are, have and will be at the summit. Thank you
mirmac1 said…
You gals ROCK!
Regarding mirmac1,
We are very busy, our new Principal arrived this week and is in the midst of all the necessary paperwork signing. We are also planning a Back to School event in August where we are welcoming any and all to meet the new Principal. Details will be shared soon. We are also communicating with our ever increasing network on which School Board candidates we do or do not support and the reasons why.
Anonymous said…
I call bullshit on these family engagement things. I've been to several in the past two years. I have never seen a process whereby staff translates community concerns into concrete action plans. I have never seen a concrete outcome other than SPS's own self promotion for having had the events. If there is no real process to process and act on family input --and there isn't -- I wish that the organizers would stop trying to bring communities out to these things.

Anonymous said…

RE: community meeting

Please ask about the non-mandated Writers Workshop curriculum. This program is Newspeak for "how to graduate as an illiterate". (I know some Garfield teachers who actually resigned in despair because of WW.)

I just heard Michael Gurian on the Michael Eric Dyson radio show. He made sense if you need some expert research to get your school and students back on track.

Charlie Mas said…

The place to call bullshit on these family engagement things is at the actual events.

Demand - loudly and in front of everyone - to see a process whereby staff translates community concerns into concrete action plans.

Challenge them by saying that you have never seen a concrete outcome from any of these events and challenge them to name some.

I'll stand with you and say that I have been to these things for ten years and have never seen either a process for turning community input into action and have never seen community input turned into action.

The closest I have ever seen the District coming to actually acting on community input from such an event was the creation of the Southeast Education Initiative, which had its roots in Dr. Libros' community meetings. Unfortunately, the District totally botched the execution, so I'm not sure it counts.

Honestly, other than that, I can't think of a single time in ten years when anything that came from a community event resulted in District action. Not one.

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