Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New Head of Curriculum and Instruction at SPS

Curious but this from the Tri-City Herald:

The Kennewick School District announced Friday that Wendy London, who has served on the Kennewick School Board since 2007, will resign her position effective July 20. 

London will be the new director of curriculum and instruction in the Seattle School District.

London was up for election this fall and faced challenger Ron Mabry in her race. 

Wonder what Cathie Thompson will be doing (or will Ms. London serve directly under her?).    We need an Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning and a director of curriculum and instruction?  

No word from the district on this appointment. 


mirmac1 said...

Of course they'll say this has zero budgetary impact because the tooth fairy left the money under their pillow.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope Cathie Thompson will be moving on or moving down to an elementary principalship. She was supposedly a decent principal, but is WAY out of her depth dealing with secondary curriculum and instruction.

-frustrated by Readers' and Writers' Workshop

Anonymous said...

From Kennick School Board (her term ends December, 2011):

Wendy London was elected to Position 5 in 2007. A resident of Kennewick for over 20 years, Wendy has served in the Kennewick School District as a secretary, business education teacher, assistant principal, and for two years in the Richland School District as director of special programs. She is committed to quality curriculum and instruction, sound decision-making processes, and responsible allocation of funds. Wendy is committed to community partnerships that support youth and families in Benton and Franklin Counties. She feels that through collaboration, schools, social service agencies, law enforcement, and other agencies can improve outcomes for students and families in our region. She currently works as a Unit Supervisor and Juvenile Drug Court Coordinator at Benton-Franklin County Juvenile Justice Center. Wendy's credentials include a Master degree in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Education, Business Administration, as well as Washington state teacher, administrator, and vocational education director certificates.

Seattle parent

cascade said...

Given the effectiveness of the rollout of programs under Thompson and frankly Enfield - science curriculum alignment anyone? math? - one would hope that this person would be over, not under, Thompson.

That still begs the question of why 2 positions unless Thompson would subsequently move elsewhere like an ed director. All conjecture but that's the only way I can see this as a justified expense.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the past two hires (RBHS and now this one)
have criminal justice backgrounds.

--wonder if you'd find that at Lakeside?

SeattleSped said...

Yes, I have been frustrated by Thompson's inability to make improvements in the hot mess they call special education. I find her very nice and supportive, but to date ineffectual.

Anonymous said...

If Lakeside had a safety issue, you bet I would want someone there who knows how to handle kids with troubled history. Reality is at some of our schools, we have metal detectors, cameras, paid security on site for a good reason. It takes all kinds of people and skillsets to get our school safe and open for learning to take place.

-want my school safe

Charlie Mas said...

No mention of this on the District web site.

This is a demonstration of their commitment to transparency.

Maybe it will be mentioned at the Board meeting tonight during the Curriculum and Instruction update.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how the experience listed makes a case for Head of Curriculum and Instruction. Hopefully more details will be forthcoming.

-waiting for more info

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, Kennewick schools references a program called Math Connects for elementary, which was considered acceptable in state reviews. Middle school math had links to Holt McDougal, for Holt Mathematics Courses 1-3.

-feeling encouraged

Anonymous said...

Did you see the two postings for Program Managers? One for math/science and one for literacy/social studies. The job postings look like they should be for a few people. I hope this isn't setting someone up to fail.

interested in doing it right

Charlie Mas said...

Last night I spoke briefly with Lesley Rogers, the head of Communications for the District, and she told me that Dr. Thompson is on vacation and didn't ask her to issue a press release on the new hire before leaving.

The District doesn't have a set protocol for announcing new hires. It's a system they will have to institute. It may be that this hire wouldn't rate an announcement. It may be news in Kennewick but not in Seattle.

hschinske said...

Interesting that the past two hires (RBHS and now this one)
have criminal justice backgrounds.

--wonder if you'd find that at Lakeside?

Not that it's actually relevant, but I'm reminded that we had a former police chief teaching art at Lakeside when I was there. He was an, erm, interesting fellow. He could perfectly well have been among the more brilliant teachers there (and many still think he was), but he had some really nasty streaks.

Helen Schinske

Linh-Co said...

Yipee, I hear she's very good from my pals in Richland and Kennewick. They did right by the math in that district. Math Connects had the best review for content from the mathematicians hired by the State Board of Education and Holt rated first or second on the state's list.

I sure hope she's Anna-Maria's replacement.

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