Furlough Days Coming to SPS

From the Stranger Slog: looks like furloughs are on the SPS tables (although only for Central Office staff and management level employees).  No teacher days yet as they are negotiating with SEA.

The district says that "creating these furloughs means we can prioritize direct funding in the classroom."  Good for the district but I'd like a definition of "direct funding." 


Name said…
Maybe they will reinssate the counselors they laid off and reimburse the schools who paid for their counselors with discressionary funds.
Po3 said…
They are trying to save money so they can buy textbooks.


and note Sundquists spin on the raises, "it's a communication thing." Meaning we parents just don't understand.
Anonymous said…
That would be direct funding of raises for Central Office folks.

Mr Ed
Anonymous said…
Sundquist is a tool. Of course I mean that in the nicest way.

Mr. Ed
mirmac1 said…
What a crock. Make them account for every dime of the supplemental levy (that was supposed to be to "buy textbooks"). Har dee har har. Guess the joke was on us.
Okay, so here's where I will call foul (and should have sooner). Calling Steve that is name-calling. Call out his performance or judgment as an elected official all you want. You may think how he does it is distasteful but please, don't call him a name.

That said, I have no problem with anyone saying someone is incompetent who is an elected official. It's within any voter's right to call out an elected official's professional work/behavior.
Anonymous said…
Okay Mom. But if he exhibits tool-like tendencies...? Never mind.

Mr. Ed
Sarcastic said…
Proposed teacher salary cuts and furlough days.

Any word on administrators taking a pay-cut? Or, are they just collecting their raises?
Anonymous said…
Here's how the furloughs work -

First, get a raise.
Next, take a furlough.
Outcome, less work for the same initial money...

Anonymous said…
Oompah, don't foget end-of-the-year bonus for the mental stress of "furlough days".

-still counting
Chris S. said…
OK, Can we say Mr. Sundquist's actions suggest he is unaware that he is being used? Or suggest that we elect a hammer in his place? (Thanks, Urban Dictionary.)
Charlie Mas said…
Mr. Sundquist is not a stupid man.

He knows full well that he is being used.
Anonymous said…
Is Sundquist the user or the usee?

Mr Ed

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