Open Thread Friday

Summer's bustin' out all over...except here. 

I know, I know, the rest of country is suffering.  I'm not asking for more heat (although, that too, would be nice).  Can it just be sunny so we can believe it is actually summer?  It's sunny right now in my neck of the woods so I better get out and enjoy it. 


seattle citizen said…
July 22nd --> September 7th.

Word Verifier agrees we have a nulese on life when the sun comes out later today!
mirmac1 said…
Central Admin categories:

11 Board of Directors
12 Superintendent
13 Business Office
14 Human Resources
15 Public Information
21 Supv of Instruction
41 Supv Nutrition Svcs
51 Supv Transportation
61 Supv Maintenance

In Superintendent's Office budget, despite moving at least four FTEs out to other CA depts (mostly Board), and cutting clerks, FTEs up net 2.4 and labor costs up $200K. Shows net decrease because of cut of $420K in "library materials" and $142K commercial printing. Again, CA IS at 5.98% but that's because Total budget is up nearly $11M. CA Comparison
mirmac1 said…
Interesting, after the number of questions regarding the cost of CA, I thought there would be more interest in this information...
Anonymous said…
It *is* very interesting -- I just don't quite know what to make of it. I suppose the most inscrutable of the list are "15 public information", "12 superintendent" and "11 board of directors" lines.

mirmac1 said…
Disregard the # before the descriptor. That's just the Activity Number in the budget spreadsheet. I would post the spreadsheet for your weekend fun n games but but the spreadsheet's too large.

Thanks for humoring me.
seattle citizen said…
What do we make of 41 Supv of Nutrition? There are far more cafeterias than that in the district, somewhere around 85 or so. So either some cafeterias have no supervisors, or the "supervisor" designation doesn't refer to the on-site lead. Hmmm...

WV isn't confused, like me: WV thinks it's inain.
seattle citizen said…
oh. well, then, as Emily Latella would say....never mind!

I'll look at the actual spreadsheet.
mirmac1 said…
I like confusing people, then I don't feel so alone.
Dorothy Neville said…
The NYT has an article today about the new Relay University. It's well worth reading. I am sympathetic to the idea of just-in-time learning, for students and teachers and anyone. I think some degree of just-in-time learning is most efficient and worthwhile. However, I am a leery that all learning can be delivered in a just-in-time sort of way. Especially teaching. There has got to be space for learning the bigger picture of child development, learning theory, and more. Also note that this new university will offer Masters Degrees. What do you think of a just-in-time program, really more of a trade-school scenario, providing a Masters Degree?

Coincidentally, I ran across the name Relay University for the first time this morning, while in the Office of Public Records for UW, reading college of Ed emails concerning TfA. One of the faculty shared the press release of the new on-line university with his colleagues, pointing out to them that most likely all their work creating the UW-TfA partnership will only last for a few years until TfA has all its corps members get their needs met with Relay.

I am sure StopTFA will get that email and more available publicly soon, early next week, we hope.
Dave said…
Seattle Citizen

There are 4 "supervisors" in Nutrition. They all recieved healthy raises on June 1st, 2011 at (seemingly) the height of the "fiscal crisis" (see "shared sacrifice") at SSD.

"On site leads" in schools are not supervisors, but "Kitchen Managers" (union workers) and have not had a wage increase for several years. Thats the "way they roll" at SSD.

Incidently, although the Council of Great City Schools recommended a leaner, small administrative construct for the Nutrition department, it inflated size remains as workers are steadily cut. The Director has stated a desire for even more managers (with even fewer workers to "supervise").

Oh yes, and don't forget that "labor costs are too high" in the Nutrition department, according to administration.

Any wonder why? Because they use workers as "human shields" (like other departments use "the children") to justify the excesses of administration.
mirmac1 said…
Did you see there is a new position this year: JSCEE Services Manager at a burdened rate of $116K. I calculated the cost of benefits at 32% to add to the cost of wages shown. Oh man, that's a job just made for Cordell Carter! (snark).
Mirmac, I keep asking about these "new" positions and I'm told they are not new but renamed. Maybe the job was something else in a previous life.
mirmac1 said…
Well, comparison highlights in yellow and orange those cost elements that are new, or were dropped in the FY12 budget. There are some that one can track from old to new, but JSCEE Service Mgr? That's a new, laughable one.
Anonymous said…
MIRMAC, that service manager position seems like an acknowledgement that the system is not serving families, that is, that people in positions of responsibility who are based at the Stanford Center are not doing their jobs and nobody is holding them accountable. As acknowledgements go, it is pitiful. Why not just listen to families about who is or isn't getting the job done?

Signed, President, Stop Enfield's Buck Passing

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