Board on Hiatus

With the adjournment of the Board meeting last night, the Board will not take up any business for over a month. The next scheduled Board meeting is August 17th (one day after the primary) and the next scheduled Board event is an Executive Committee meeting on August 10 and a meeting of the Curriculum & Instruction Policy committee on August 15.

We expect some sort of announcement regarding the solution to Lowell overcrowding tomorrow, but, after that, there probably won't be much news coming out of the District for the next month.

The focus will turn, instead, on the primary campaigns.


dan dempsey said…
Here is a question for Board members running for reelection.

The New Student Assignment Plan was presented as something that would make every school a quality school. This was to be done by using the transportation savings under NSAP and using those dollars to increase quality in certain schools.

#1 How much has been saved under NSAP?

#2 How much money has been distributed to make every school a quality school?

#3 Which schools have received this funding and in what amounts?

Or is this just a plan which will require some students to attend separate and unequal schools?
Charlie Mas said…
Oh yes!

By all means let's offer some questions for Board Directors seeking re-election.

Here are some of mine:

#1 Give three examples of times when you enforced policy.

#2 Give three examples of times when you held the staff accountable.

#3 What would you do if the Board voted to direct the superintendent to take a specific action but the superintendent neglected to take that action?

#4 The staff tells you something, but a number of other people, members of the public, tell you the opposite. Whom do you believe?

#5 The staff says that they will promptly perform a task, but several months later they still have not done it. What do you do?

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