Math and Marty McLaren, Position 6 Candidate

In her West Seattle Herald interview, Position 6 candidate, Marty McLaren, has a lot to say about the math adoption.  From the article:

"I administer the COMPASS® test in the Assessment Office," McLaren said. "The math scores are abysmal. Some are from West Seattle and Chief Sealth graduates. They should be ready for college algebra but their math skills are at middle school levels."   (The office she refers to is the South Seattle College office of student assessment.)

Just Google "Washington State Report Card", scroll to "Seattle Public Schools" and the low math competency rates and high dropout statistics seem troublesome. Only 60 percent of students in 4th grade are meeting the standard, dropping to about 50 percent by 10th grade. 

Cliff Mass endorses her in the article:
"She has a deep interest in not only math education, but in reforming the dysfunctional School Board and District.  She will ask the questions that the current members have been reticent to ask."

The article also talks to Kate Martin, Position 2 candidate, who, according to the article, "mirrors" McLaren's concerns over math.

Two things - I sure wish the article hadn't given three paragraphs to Kate Martin because I would have liked to hear more about other issues that McLaren feels are important. 

The other concern is that I think while it is good to have one big issue to talk about, no candidate should talk only about one thing because then he/she comes off as a one-note candidate.   I do believe that the math taught is a huge issue in this district (I hear it from parents everywhere I go) but clearly, not the only issue.


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