Charles Rolland Has Died

Charles Rolland, a former state Democratic party chair and education leader in Seattle, died yesterday. 

Mr. Rolland helped to start and lead CPPS - Community & Parents for Public Schools - in Seattle in 2004.  He also served on the City committee that selected a new police chief.

He was also one of the vendors caught up in the Silas Potter Scandal in 2010.  He had refused to cooperate in the SPS investigation and the King Country prosecutor found insufficient evidence to show that he had failed to perform the work under his contract with SPS.

Mr. Rolland was 61.


Anonymous said…
Charles was an advocate for kids, schools and parents. He was also my friend. RIP, Charles.
seattle citizen said…
Mr. Rolland was indeed an advocate for youth in Seattle. My condolences to his family, his colleagues, and his friends (including Venus and many others in the city.)
Jet City mom said…
I remember Charles from his years as a Summit parent. He will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.
Anonymous said…
Charles Rolland was an educational advocate for kids. He was a dear friend. Dr. Brenda C. Jackson
Anonymous said…
Mr. Rolland had an impact every where he went. His absence will be noted in Seattle.

My sympathies to his family and loved ones.

Anonymous said…
Thank you Mr. Rolland for your advocacy. You didn't forget us. We wish there were more like you. We miss you.


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