Tuesday Open Thread

Luna the soccer dog was found and returned to her owner.

From the "We write like we're still in junior high" section of the Times, this appeared at the top of their editorial about the budget fight in the Legislature.

Editor's note: Monday's lead editorial was omitted from some editions because of a production error. We are running it again today, because we really, really mean it.

You can't make this stuff up.

Also to note, today is the last day to apply for the Focus Group for the search for our new superintendent. 

 If you would like to apply to be a member of the focus group, please email tlhale@seattleschools.org with the following information: name, contact information, organization affiliation (if any), and a maximum of one paragraph explaining your interest in being part of the focus group.

What's on your mind?


StopTFA said…
Coming Tuesday, jarring news that is not news.

Ironic that Arne is urging districts to end this practice while pushing for TFA in high minority schools.
Eric said…
The value add data for nyc schools has been analyzed and shown to be almost purely noise, no signal. See the gary rubinstein article here. Would be great to see the blog pursue similar analysis from seattle public schools with MAP scores.
dan dempsey said…
(1) the Focus Group for the search for our new superintendent.

The Head Hunters for Highline did not vet the candidates they produced as the top three. They did little if any research into actual results. It is supposedly the Board's job to vet the candidates.... So how does anyone know if the top three really would have been the top three if a thorough investigation of actions and results had been undertaken?

Hopefully the SPS can do a better job of selecting a Superintendent that has produced actual results.

Note SPS is really far off the academic mark when it comes to Achievement Gap reduction.

(2) The ridiculous ed spending extravaganza at the Federal level is now really getting underway. The CCSS. -- A giant "Unfunded and Unproductive" mandate.

Randy Dorn and the Legislature gave us a heads up of things to come by requiring local districts to fund from local funds $165 million for CCSS.....

More on Jay Greene's blog=>
Handwaving Away Opposition to the National Standards

(Guest Post by Jim Stergios)
Chris S. said…
FRL are families getting dunning notices for Pay4K at our school. I read SPS policy on website and have advised that they do not have to (and should not) pay. Confirmed with Duggan Harman and Pat Sander verbally but have nothing in writing. I'm worried about these families getting sent to collections. What should I do? Have emailed Harman for written confirmation but no response.

Any advice?
Chris S., I wonder what that's about because it makes little sense (unless it's a glitch somehow).

Write Harman again and cc the Board and the Superintendent.
Linh-Co said…
It's spring again, and time for fresh sprouts of math activism. Save the date. We need some momentum for a new middle school textbook adoption in Seattle School District. Now's a great time to make this a reality, but we need your voice.

Please let us know if you can come so we can have enough handouts printed. Feel free to forward the invite. Plenty of space at the library.


Come join us for a parent-focused public meeting about what you can do to promote success for your middle school student.

When: Saturday, March 17th 1:30-4:00 PM
Where: Ballard Public Library Meeting Room

Topics to be covered include:
- State standards for grades 6-8. What your student should be learning.
- MSP & MAP. Understanding the state and district assessments
- Instructional materials. What you need to seek out in your textbook.
- Supplementing at home. How much, what topics, resources?
- Benchmark assessments. Check how your kids are doing at their level.

Contact Rick or Linh-Co at rickbmail@yahoo.com or (206) 783-7644
Hope to see you there.
Luna the Soccer Dog's Family said…
THANKS! Many Wags and Licks from Luna the Soccer Dog to the Citizens of Seattle,

Melissa, many thanks for bringing Luna the Soccer Dog’s dognapping to the attention of your many readers, amongst the wide exposure which led to her recognition on the Ave by a Good Samaritan, who demanded her and then immediately called our home. Luna was taken from her family last Saturday by a mixed-up young homeless woman seeking a companion, then restored to us on Monday by this very kind-hearted young transient man who recognized Luna from everybody’s descriptions, and even from old-fashioned beat police officers who just put the word out on the street.

Thanks to our Good Samaritan, our earlier eyewitness, several alert S.P.D. police officers Luna the Soccer Dog is now safe and sounder than ever. This tail really does have a happy ending, just like Luna’s own pretty white tip, which goes right along with her four white socks, white vest, and white chin all marking the ends of her jet black coat.

Because Luna has not yet learned to type, let me be her woofsman (I usually serve only as her sidekick). Luna the Soccer Dog’s technical mastery of the beautiful game is quite simply jaw-dropping. I love watching onlookers expressions while she plays. Watching Luna trap, pass and score in her kinetic union of ball and fur, is one of those magical moments in life when you are forced to reject all your notions of natural limits. Just like every Seattle schoolchild, Luna the Soccer Dog is uniquely gifted.

Luna the Soccer Dog also shows that extraordinary natural talent means nothing without true passion and love for the game. She knows that all of her soccer genius is really 1% inspiration and 99% . . . well, panting. Just try to name any other famous international soccer star who regularly wriggles right under every oily parked car to retrieve a wedged ball? She has once never faked an injury. Luna NEVER takes her eye off the ball – neither human nor canine can deflect her locked gaze. And Luna has always been a great team player, ever since she was first rescued as a stray puppy by seven home-schooled children in a Montana cabin, and arrived into Seattle through a blizzard to join our family’s sleeping infant the night that Santa also climbed down the chimney; last weekend, that infant’s 8th birthday party still went ahead the same day we were searching for Luna.

Luna the Soccer Dog loves all her fans, especially the youngest, and always gives her pawtograph. In short, even though she has too many legs and no arms, Luna is actually the perfect role model for every girl and boy, in vivid contrast to other professional athletes, as petulant as they are overpaid. There is only one person who Luna the Soccer Dog does not really get along with so very well, and who may not be so happy to learn of her safe return home when he stops by later today . . . the mailman.

When Luna the Soccer Dog disappeared a few days ago, we were heartbroken, now that you have all helped us find her we are overjoyed, and deeply grateful to every one of you who helped in any way. If you can, allow Luna the Soccer Dog to express her appreciation by playing for all of you:

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7, at 5 p.m., OCCIDENTAL SQUARE, downtown Seattle (outside Pioneer Square Comedy Underground)

followed by March to the Game (Sounders v. Santos, CONCACAF Champions League, led by Drew Carey’s marching band

Thank you all so much.
Luna the Soccer Dog’s family

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