Let's Help Neah Bay School

From an article in the Seattle Times: Tiny Neah Bay school a finalist in national science competition

We can vote for Neah Bay school to win a $100,000 "Solve for Tomorrow" prize from Samsung.

Vote here.

Vote Now - Public Voting Closes at 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, March 12, 2012!


Jan said…
Cool project -- and people interested in helping by voting have a LONG way to go to help these guys. They currently have just short of 4300 votes. Two other projects (in NY and California) are at 59,000 and 60,000.
mirmac1 said…
Can I vote multiple times?

Kidding! (sorta) : )
TraceyS said…
You can vote once per day, so yes, mirmac.
Anonymous said…
PLEASE forward this info to everyone you know and urge them to vote for Neah Bay! This project is groundbreaking in that they are using mushrooms to cleanse polluted soil -- it's also a David/Goliath competition between a tiny Native American high school and the rest of the world. So many reasons to vote every day for this project!

Concerned Teacher Educator
Anonymous said…
Anybody hasTV media contact who can get this story out on the 5 or 6PM news? Time is tight. My kids spend many summers in this area so we are rooting for them. Plus it is a very cool project.

Go RD!
Dorothy Neville said…
Having watched the Neah Bay video and several of the others, I am seeing big differences. Neah Bay is definitely earnest and doing science. Many of the others are shallower, aim for humor, slick video quality but not rigorously scientific. I am pleased to see that most of the prizes will be awarded by judges and this voting is for the fifth prize, the community choice prize. Ordinarily I do not vote in these things, loathe to register for the sponsoring company. In this case I am overcoming my reluctance and begging friends and family as well.

Regardless, watching the videos makes me hopeful that the judges will see their merits and award them a prize.
Anonymous said…
I agree with Dorothy, I viewed the videos with huge numbers of votes and felt that they were not superior to Neah Bay.

Keep voting everyone!

- UW scientist

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