The Legislature and Education Bills; Here's Where They Stand

Thank goodness for The Olympian; they really keep up-to-date on the Legislature.   Here's the latest on education measures:

Passed and gone to the Governor for her signature:

Collaborative schools: A proposal for universities to work with school districts to assist low-performing schools cleared the Legislature. The pilot project would implement instruction models and other strategies in chosen elementary schools.

This is a bill I supported - HB2799 - in place of the charter school bill.  I think it's a great start to helping low-performing schools find better academic outcomes with the help and support of our universities. 


All day kindergarten funding: Legislation to fund all-day kindergarten by removing the sales tax exemption for out-of-state residents failed to get the necessary two-thirds vote to pass, which is required to raise taxes.

Signed into law by the Governor:

Teacher evaluations: Gregoire also signed an overhaul of the teacher evaluation system. It uses student test score improvements as a factor in the evaluations, and expands on a four-level pilot system started in 2010.

The article also states:

Heading into special session, Gov. Chris Gregoire says it’s time for lawmakers to focus on the budget and put other business behind them. While budget-related matters are still on the table for special session, the governor told reporters that she doesn’t “want to bring up every random conceivable bill.”

So is the charter legislation dead for this term?  Maybe especially since 2799 completely addresses some of the exact schools the charter legislation alleged it would help. 

But again, I don't think Senator Tom moved to the Republican side of aisle for a photo op.  So it's not over until it's over.


Anonymous said…
Microsoft and the yuppie de formers said "Jump - BLAME Teachers" and our Gov & legislature said "How High?"

The legislature won't fight the bandits who wrecked the economy because Jay The Coward Inslee doesn't know how to deal with the lies the liars will throw at him.

Yo, Jay ... WHY does "tax and spend liberal" still work against Democrats?

Because the Democratic ruling elite is incompetent at everything BUT staying employed, and frightening us little people with Newt! Mitt! Perry! Palin!

So fellow educators ... the Democratic establishment we're supposed to support, OR, we'll get Scott Walker & Florida ...

that Democratic establishment has cravenly cowered from right wing lies attacking working stiffs, (teachers this time - teachers who are predominately women!! )

that Democratic establishment has cravenly cowered from right wing lies about the thieves at the top being ... job creators ...

so there aren't revenues to maintain the robust community that the thieves at the top are ripping off ...

and Jay The Coward Inslee has to quit Congress to campaign full time against the liars ... because ...

People are fed up with craven excuses, People are fed up with craven excuse makers ...

and Mary Lindquist emails us today to tell us that without Jay The Coward we'll get Wisconsin-ized!

Has anyone noticed how the cycle of excuses, lies, sell outs, and disgust affects turnout, and how depressed turnout and depressed voter interest affects the amount of Clap Louder rah rah from Democratic "leaders"?

You think fighting for us know no-bodies in the community, you think fighting for the community - you think that would do MORE for turnout than kissing Rodney Tom's behind, making excuses, and trying to scare us?

dan dempsey said…
YUP ... Mary Lindquist sure does not want any Wiscononization around here. Take a look at Wisconsin March 10, 2012 on YouTube.

So would someone ask Mary L. why she raised no opposition to the Common Core State Standards. Who pays her salary? WEA hardly adequately represent members and certainly has shown little if any real concern for producing positive results.

$165 million will be leaving local districts to fund more testing and more professional development.

It would be wonderful if any of the WA Ed leaders actually examined the research rather than playing politics ... what a revolting development this is.
Still Watching said…
Article by Danny Westneat:
Charlie Mas said…
What's the deal with the Collaborative Schools? What will that be like?
Eric M said…
Evaluating teachers with student test scores in complete and utter junk science. It is pathetic to live in a state (and country) where this kind of fakery is in use.

For shame, legislature and Governor Gregoire.

Don't believe me? Check out this article from this week's SLOG about how well value-added methodology has worked out in New York.

We should absolutely denounce this bogus science. Just because you can put a number on something doesn't automatically give that number meaning (beyond anti-teacher propaganda value)
dan dempsey said…
Hey Eric M,

If we start denouncing bogus science in Education ... there will be little left.

Most of "Best Practices" and the materials in use in Seattle are the result of junk studies and lousy decisions.

Value Added Methods of teacher evaluation are just the latest ... in the ongoing string of nonsense.....

The legislate and the Gov. pushed for Common Core State Standards .... they tried to Race for the Money in racing for the Top....

To expect an evidence based decision from this crew .... is to expect the impossible. The Machine Politics grinds on .... consuming what is left of rational decision-making.

To be part of the Race to the Top in crowd requires Value Added Evaluations .... like so many things in Education from Obama/Duncan is makes no sense .... until you look at the money behind it.... Campaign donations are more important than rational researched decision-making.
seattle citizen said…
Rep Pettigrew wastes no time extolling his relationship with "the many-fingered puppet," Rep. Pettigrew, Gate’s LEV, A+ (a LEV product), Stand for Children, and non-teacher Chris Eide will be the panel for a phone-in “town hall” during school hours (so no REAL teachers can participate) this Friday:

Join us for a tele-townhall: Connecting the statehouse to the schoolhouse

"How will the newly-signed teacher/principal evaluation bill help ensure students will have a high-quality teacher in their classroom and a quality principal in their school?
Under the umbrella of A+ Washington, LEV and our coalition partners invite you to join the conversation from 12–1pm on Friday, March 16th, for a conference call with three experts to learn more and ask questions about the teacher and principal evaluation system. The panelists for the discussion and question and answer period will be:
• Rep. Eric Pettigrew, 37th Legislative District will talk about why the new law is important to him and Washington state.
• Christopher Eide, Teachers United Director will talk about what this new law will mean in the classroom and how it supports teachers.
• Dave Powell, Policy Director Stand for Children Washington will answer your policy questions about the new law.
Here are the conference call details:
Date: Friday, March 16, 2012
Time: 12–1pm
Phone number: (888) 886-6603, Extension: 18364#
It’s within our reach to make sure every student is prepared for success in work and life. It will take all of us – parents, families, educators, business and community leaders working together to help every student reach his or her full potential."

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