Community Meeting Open Thread

If you attend either the Martin-Morris or Smith-Blum community meetings, let us know what you hear.

I suspect Kay will get an earful.  The issue at Lowell is NOT just a personnel matter; parents need to know that their children will be protected and inappropriate conduct investigated.

It's a public trust between parents and schools and it needs to be protected.


dan dempsey said…
KSB should get an earful.

Jack Whelan pointed out that KSB is all about trusting principals ...... so how about evaluating principals.

Who writes letters of reprimand for school board members? Can the Ombudsman do that?

Has the Board written a letter of reprimand to Dr. Enfield? ((I guess only the State Auditor's office can do that if the Board cares to be clueless .... see Board and MGJ))

Isn't it about time for Dr. Enfield to review Martin Floe's progress?


In the wake of cheating scandals on testing in various parts of the nation, I wonder how hard it is to cheat on attendance and pick up a school attendance award? .... from the "how to remain a principal in the SPS" strategy collection.
Parent said…
At the meeting with Kay Smith-Blum, the investigative report was not discussed (neither Smith-Blum nor the Lowell parents present brought it up). The main topic of discussion was the upcoming BEX IV levy.
RosieReader said…
Dan, why would you possibly want Enfield to review Floe? What good could that possibly do? Martin has told the school that he has worked closely and well this year with his Director, and he is no longer under any sort of extra supervision -- he's being evaluated as any principal would/should be evaluated.

Please don't try to re-open any cans of worms. Things are going very well at Ingraham these days, and we need to keep looking forward, not back.
Anonymous said…

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