Special Session Updates

Looking around it seems that there is some forward motion but our legislators still haven't gotten enough done.

The gimmicks around waiting one day for a payment to K-12 districts to save some money seem to be off the table.

Here's what the Governor said:

“They have a lot of work to do. I don’t think at this point … they have … made sufficient progress for me to open the doors to bill signing. So I will sign no bills on Monday. I had planned to, and I will not,” Gregoire said.

The last day that any bills passed that need the Governor's signature is next Saturday, March 31st.

I'm thinking that the charter school bill is still in flux but my gut tells me Lisa Macfarlane's  idea/challenge about passing a referendum to send this issue to the voters is a lot of semi-wishful thinking.  It would get charters on the ballot but the issue would be how to win that vote.


dan dempsey said…
Good Job Gov. Chris,

DO NOT SIGN BILLS that play games. The state is not adequately funding education and the clowns in the legislature want to play "one day accounting" games.

As i wrote over on "Just Try Them, You'll Like Them (and we'll throw in a vote to boot)" ...

Writing and passing a lot of these laws is just politically motivated BS ..... Good Move Guv. more crap we do not need. Solutions is what we need and unfortunately we have clowns like Tom and Pettigrew.

Drawing a line through the absurd Common Core State Standards ... now that is a change I can believe in. Why not save the $183 million from CCSS crap and put the money into schools instead?
Eric B said…
Last I saw, and this wasn't made 100% clear, is that the Republicans had also dropped the idea of K-12 cuts in the budget this year. The one-time county sales tax fund fix seems to be gaining ground as well.

As always, take with a pound of salt until the bill is signed.
Anonymous said…
Given that the Democratic caucus are a bunch of cowards allowing Rodney Tom & those other 2 turncoats to run the state,

on behalf of the 1%,

I completely expect LEV's & DFER's garbage to survive and thrive.

HOPE-ing to be wrong is like HOPE-ing for that ivy leagued high flyer to leverage public sentiment to the community has better HEALTH care access instead of privateers ripping us off -- I've been sold that bill of goods twice in my life.

Now I got DFER & LEV trying to turn into AHIP and PHARMA, aided and abetted by ...


"Democrats" whose only claim to legitimacy is that they are not scott walker -


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