School-Level Budgeting

A thread was requested on school-level budgeting that is occurring over the next couple of weeks. 


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Does anyone have a sense what schools are facing budget wise compared to last year? What percentage reduction in the previous years budget are schools trying to compensate for as they plan their 2012-2013 school year?

Concerned Parent
Anonymous said…
If you go to the Budget Dept on the SPS website and look at the Weighted Staffing Standards: 2012-13 versus 2011-2012 you can look at the year over year changes. At our school our prjected headcount changed by less than 10 students but funding went up (just a little). So budgets look pretty flat to me, but I only looked at my school.

SeattleSped said…
Interesting. The first year I've seen # of SpEd classroom on building budget allocation tables.
just wondering said…
Broadview-Thomson's population has decreased 125 students over the past two years from 750 to 625.

Does anyone know the rationale of why the school still needs a third administrator to help the administrators do their job vs. spending the additional funding on to support student learning/academics like other schools?
NOTE: The principal just submitted the 2012-2013 budget to include the third administrator for the third year in a row. Staff were not given an option to vote on that did NOT include the third administrator.

No other K-8 school with 625 students appear to have a third administrator.

-thinking $$$ should help students/teachers NOT administrators
BamBam said…
to just wondering.....

the reason for the third administrator at Broadview-Thomson is because the principal can't handle the job as other principals are required to do.....the funds being spent on a third administrator should be spent on direct support for student learning as the school is a failing school according to NCLB...
just wondering said…
Bam Bam

then why is no one holding the principal accountable?

-thinking $$$ should help students/teachers NOT administrators

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