What? DeBell Speaks on Running for Another Office

From Publicola (and the "Really??" file:

DeBell confirms that he isn't running for the legislature in the 36th District. He says,however, that he "would be announcing my candidacy right now" if his home where he's lived for 22 years, hadn't been redistricted into the 43rd. "I would really like to tackle full funding for education," DeBell says, adding that he may consider moving into the 36th in the future "if i get to move at my own pace."



Jon said…
I know I shouldn't be surprised by this, but I always am. It amazes me that people run for school board or work in education administration not thinking of how to maximize their impact on the well being of the kids, but how to maximize their own careers. I really need to learn to be more cynical of those that choose a career in education.
Anonymous said…
"A Wimp With A Cause"

The Seattle liberal take on the James Dean classic, starring the award winning sycophant, Michael
DeBell (whose therapeutic voice effectively disguises his real character as the tool).

Filming interrupted due to redistricting (since funding is never a problem with these sponsors).

--enough already

p.s. Interesting that DeBell is well aware that a more diverse district won't elect him. Will that be the impetus to open his mind and heart? Oh, no! He'll move back to his bubble world instead.
Anonymous said…
Michael really really likes that air up there in Burgess - Rueven - ville.

Seattle deserves these kinds of Rodney Tom enablers, if they're dumb enough to vote for them.

Disgusted said…
I like a board member that doesn't desire to seek a higher office; it just keeps things clean.
Disgusted said…
Some would drool over a DeBell, Burgess and Tom combo. Oh, the power they could attain!
Anonymous said…
DeBell would be better for education on a state level than a district level. He is a big picture guy. He should run but not in the 43rd where he would have no support. He will have to move if that is his plan. And he will have to know more than education. He seems weak in knowledge of other issues.

Burgess as mayor would be a disaster for the Seattle School District. He doesn't have original thoughts, just those of Corporate Ed Reform. I hope a better candidate will emerge.

Anonymous said…
DeBell in a brawling legislative campaign? Doubt he has the constitution for it. It looks like the man privately pops Rolaids all day long.

I'd like to see him on a state education board though. He'd be fine. And far better than Martin-Morris who reportedly has his eyes on that sort of prize.

KG said…
ColOR said…
I love this blog, but personal insults like the ones here do nothing for its reputation as a serious place where smart people exchange ideas and information (which, for the most part, is what it is).
I think Color is right on this thread.

I put this information up as an interest piece because I found it quite interesting that DeBell was so frank about future plans.

Again, dislike his work as a Board director or even make fun of his ambitions but don't get personal.

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