Board Retreat

Well, that didn't take long.

At the retreat, the agenda has the Alliance logo right at the top of the agenda.

At the retreat, the Alliance person explained how they had been organizing the retreats for the last 5 years.  The facilitator explained the agenda.  But Sharon Peaslee stopped him and asked how the agenda got shaped.

Peaslee said that she had appreciated how, in the past, Board members were queried about what they wanted to discuss.  She said she had not been consulted (nor had Michael or Marty).  They said they "tried" to talk to everyone but didn't.   Peaslee said that it was a Board retreat and if they didn't weigh in, it might not be addressing what they want.

Superintendent Banda said they did want the retreat to be about the Board.

So I was told the Alliance doesn't shape the agenda.  They sure did today.  And the Alliance didn't have time to touch base with each Board member before the retreat that bears their name.


Watching said…
Did the Alliance consult with Patu, Carr, Smith-Blum and Martin Morris? If so, to what extent did the consultations shape the agenda.

Thank you Director Peaslee!!
That is unclear as they did not speak up. I know they did speak to Smith-Blum.
Anonymous said…
So they shaped the agenda for the past 5 years - nicely coinciding with the superintendent Sara Morris heavily backed. So what? The board can do what it wants this year or any year.

What I'd like to see is the Alliance pay for a leader facilitator. One with no agenda other than moving conversation along. That is a helpful expenditure of private dollars.

But then the Alliance should butt out.

District Watcher, the Alliance DOES pay for a faciliator. That's who Bob Ness is. He is very good and I don't sense an agenda from him but he works with and is hired by the Alliance.
seattle citizen said…
This is, if not criminal, then certainly undemocratic.

The Alliance has to go.
Anonymous said…
WOW--"They said they "tried" to talk to everyone but didn't. "

So how long did the Alliance try?

How many emails were sent to each director?

How many phone messages were left?

My BS detector reports BS on the claim of "tried".

-- Dan Dempsey
mirmac1 said…
The Alliance didn't have TIME?! What?! Too busy rolling those cocktail wienies? Catching powder at Mazama? Sorry, that strains credulity!
Chris S. said…
Sharon AWESOME Peaslee!!!
joanna said…
I have to admit that I don't know the facilitator. The Alliance could not raise money without positioning themselves as boosters for the Seattle Schools. If they want the to budget a certain amount to give to the Board for the retreats, that would be fine. However, this money should be then in the hands of the Seattle School Board. The Board should write the checks and plan the retreat without the Alliance being involved. Maybe it already works this way.
Anonymous said…
Is it true that El Centro de La Raza is on the Alliance's Board of Directors? Along with City Year? Didn't El Centro actually sign on as a party to challenge I-1240???

- Curious
Charlie Mas said…
Curious, you can find the members of the Alliance's Board of Directors on their web site here.

Many of these people, like Superintendent Banda and Board President Smith-Blum, are serving ex officio. That means that they are put on the Alliance Board as part of their job, not as individuals chosen for the role. They are filling the seat reserved for their company.
Charlie Mas said…
Honestly, I wonder what would have happened if Director Peaslee had simply walked out at that point.
Jan said…
What would have happened? All hell would have broken loose in the press -- with claims of hysteria, a broken board, people who can't work with others, etc.

Director Smith-Blum and Mr. Banda -- if you are reading this. Please get this under control. Voters -- the ones who pass your levies, and parents -- the ones who volunteer in your schools and man the PTAs, are beyond tired of the overweening influence, and the smell of cronyism that pervades virtually everything the Alliance now does with the District. You are the deciders here. I realize you have to be polite -- but restore the Alliance to its fundraising/supporting position, and stop allowing them to push the District around. We didn't elect them -- and we don't want them running things.
Actually, I was the only press so probably no one would know except our readers.

But there was some other tension and I'll write up a thread today.
Watching said…
"Director Smith-Blum and Mr. Banda -- if you are reading this. Please get this under control. Voters -- the ones who pass your levies, and parents -- the ones who volunteer in your schools and man the PTAs, are beyond tired of the overweening influence"

I agree. Although, Banda pointed out he wanted the meeting to be about the board. It sounds as if he is trying to make healthy boundaries.
Anonymous said…
Why do we need a facilitator? What goes in a Board retreat that requires all the velvet glove treatment? Do we need padded rooms? Maybe they should hire Jon Greenberg instead since he has experience teaching young adults provocative subject matters outside their comfort zone and getting them to think and interact appropriately at the same time.

I don't know why we need all the fancy set up. I respect my Board members (even the ones I disagree with) and the Superintendent as professionals who are able to communicate with each other and get things done without all this fluff! (Frankly, ditch the professional emcee and order a couple of martinis instead if you need to loosen up.)

too much drama
Anonymous said…
My criteria for replacing Mr. MGJ Rubber Stamp Peter were: 1. not carrying a bible and ranting, 2. not drooling.

Sharon is really on the side of us

Anonymous said…
Can we start a gambling pool on which reformie toadie will be out with an article crying how there isn't civility and there isn't consensus because there are school board members who are more than bobbleheads for the latest reformie garbage?

will it be Publicola or the Seattle Times or Crosscut ??

I'd say there is a 90% chance of an article by Tuesday, 99% chance of an article by Friday.

mirmac1 said…
Sorry LittlePeeps, I'm not a sucker for a bet... : )

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