Tell Inslee that Sundquist was a Mistake for the Charter Commission

Here's the link to the Governor's e-mail page should you want to weigh in on the appropriateness of Sundquist's appointment.

Steve Sundquist on KUOW on the Charter Commission yesterday.   Naturally the host of the show did not ask why Steve had been against charters when he ran for his second term and now is for them.  (I like KUOW but boy, they don't do their homework before they interview education folks.)

Sundquist dodged the question about the conversion schools.  He said, over and over, that the performance criteria would determine who would open a charter school.

When asked about the argument that charters would take money out of public schools, he said "no,
that charter schools are public schools."  Which, of course, did not answer the question.  As a former Board member, he should well know that districts will be losing dollars.

He said "objectivity" would be very important for the CC.

He also said - and this was surprising but at least realistic - that he didn't see how any charters could be approved and up and running before Fall 2014. 

Update:  just so there is proof, here's the  link to the King County Democrats 2011 General Candidate questionnaire that Sundquist filled out prior to the election in 2011.  He says no to charters.


Anonymous said…
It's not as though he is going to take back the appointment. I happen to think this was an unfortunate choice, but what will sending a comment to Inslee do?

mirmac1 said…
Tell him he needs to shift course and fast. The school "grading" bill he's pushing is a useless, harmful ploy that will do nothing to improve "failing" schools.
Eric B said…
The way I-1240 is written, it doesn't matter. Inslee can't un-make the appointment, and he can't remove Sundquist from office. There isn't even a mechanism for impeachment for malfeasance. Attempting to remove a blatantly corrupt charter commissioner will probably take a court case on the first try to establish what the rules are. Thanks, I-1240 writers!
Charlie Mas said…
Excellent question, SavvyVoter.

All of the charter school commissioners are appointed to serve four year terms - except for the first ones. To stagger the turnover, the initial commissioners are only appointed to one-, two-, or three-year terms.

From the text of the initiative:
"Members shall be appointed to four-year, staggered terms, with initial appointments from each of the appointing authorities consisting of one member appointed to a one-year term, one member appointed to a two-year term, and one member appointed to a three-year term"

I asked the Governor to make Mr. Sundquist his one-year appointment and then replace him after his one year term is complete.
SavvyVoter, an e-mail will not undo the appointment, you are right.

But it will put the Governor on notice that people DO pay attention to his appts and he better start reviewing those resumes better.

It's early in the game for him and he needs to have support.

Charlie's suggestion is also right.
Anonymous said…
We in "Silly Seattle" elect a guy as Governor who then appoints a guy we recently un-elected. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I guess the Gates funded LEV, Ed Reform astro-turfers and the 1% supporters of Inslee matter way more than the entire Seattle electorate. Realpolitik.

Why do they call themselves Democrats anymore? It's beyond Orwellian that we're supposed to be thrilled that Dems stand for the hip causes like Gay Marriage and Clean Energy. Meanwhile they join hands with Republicans to screw teachers, disparage unions, thrash the environment and addict everyone to computer toys instead of human beings.
Anonymous said…
U know who. WSDWG
Just Saying said…
Let's face it, Sundquist is well connected.

It is still worth writing a letter to Inslee objecting to Sundquist's appointment. Sundquist is incompetent and we know it.

It is going to be tough listening to Sundquist sidestep questions and babble nonsense.
Just Saying said…
cDid I miss an opportunity to provide testimony? Or, was the process to select the Charter Commission done behind closed doors with the good ole boys whispering in Inslee's ear?

Quite different from an election- don't you think?
Well, you could have given input if you had known who was nominated. (That's what was odd about the coverage - if the AP knew who these people were, why didn't they list them?)

I think each official picked their own people and that was based on who applied to them (I don't believe they considered anyone who applied to the other two officials.)
Someone said…
I keep coming back to SavvyVoter's question "but what will sending a comment to Inslee do?"

I guess to me it's part of that old adage "silence equals consent". I don't expect anything to come of it, but if we all just swallow our discontent with something like this, then how do the powers that be know what the "everyman" is thinking?

Trust me, I used to work for the State and constituent letters/emails DO get read - they may not of changed any minds, but there was someone assigned to make sure each and everyone got read, and anything "troubling" responded to. I personally researched answers to more than one question from a legislator or the Governor's office that was generated by citizen comments/requests.

This is our democracy too - and everyone has the same rights to make their concerns/beliefs known. I may be cynical about ever getting good answers, but I will always ask the questions ;o)
mirmac1 said…
Again, I have evidence of the politically-connected sucking up to Inslee before he even made his first campaign stop. If he is a stupid politician, then he figures folks like Frank Greer represent us all!
Anonymous said…
O.K. - I first thought - 'what a slap at Mary Lindquist and her grovelling after her BFF Inslee last fall - no wonder teachers are getting so whomped with 'leaders' like this ...' --

ya know what, though? Mary is sooooooooooo far removed from the non-leafy neighborhood world that she probably thinks it is fine that Inslee picked such a reformie doublethink liar as Sundquist.

I've seen her at ... 8 ? 15 ? events over the last few years, and I get her emails full of complicated excuses and full of missing information on what the spawn of Gate$ are pulling, and I still think she's more of a political dunce than a sell out.

Maybe I need to

Stop, you bring up a sore subject with me. I find that the teacher leadership doesn't always communicate well or seem to communicate what members are thinking. I think Mary is a good person but I'm not sure she's the best leader for the group.

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