Washington State Funding of Public Schools

The Lowdown on School Funding - How Can We Fully Support our Public Schools?

Our schools are continually asked to do more with less dollars. Join us on March 20th and learn what we can do to secure the funding needed to support our public schools.

Guest Speaker:
Heidi Bennett, WSPTA Region 6 Legislative Chair

We will discuss:

How public funding of our schools works.

How much the state needs to provide in order to meet its obligation under the McCleary decision.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 7:00pm until 8:30pm at Sacajawea Elementary School, 
9501 20th Avenue NE

Light snacks provided. Inquire about childcare. This event is co-sponsored by the Sacajawea and Olympic View PTAs.

This event is co-sponsored by the Sacajawea and Olympic View PTAS. Questions can be directed to Carolyn Leith at thunderegg@gmail.com.


Anonymous said…
An editor is needed for the speaker's talk. Fewer dollars. Less money.
- teach our kids correct grammar
Hmmm said…
Can we count on Bennet to remanin neutral or will she push her reform agenda? The Wa. State Supreme Court said it is the responsibility to provide opportunity- not outcome. Let's see what Bennet does.
Well, at a City Club event, she got up and said the classic Rodney Tom line - it's not the money, it's how we use it.

Susan Enfield came back snappily with "Okay, if you want kindergarteners in my district ready, you need to fund full-day K."

Point to Enfield.
Hmmm said…
Thanks, Melissa. Bennett will spout Rodney Tom type non-sense any chance she gets. I'd be cautious if I were organizing this event.
heidi b said…
We absolutely need more money in our k-12 system - there is absolutely no doubt about it. our kids desperately need 6-period day, they need support services, more full-day K and on and on

What I said at the city club event was it is not "just" the money but how you use it and asked her for changes she would like to see.

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