Washington State Charter Commission Members Announced

From the Governor's office:

OLYMPIA – Governor Jay Inslee, Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen and House Speaker Frank Chopp announced their appointments today to the state’s new Charter School Commission.

The offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and House Speaker are designated as appointing authorities. Each worked to ensure that their selections reflect the political, geographic and socio-economic diversity of the State and have expertise and experience relevant to overseeing the charter school system.  

Inslee’s appointments are Doreen Cato from Ocean Shores, Chris Martin from Spokane and Steve Sundquist from Seattle.

“Creating a new system for charter schools is a heavy lift, and maintaining a high level of accountability and transparency is key,” Inslee said. “These are people who understand what our students need to succeed, and how to manage people and resources to meet the needs of a diverse student population.”

Cato is the executive director and chief professional officer of the United Way of Grays Harbor and former executive director of First Place, a kindergarten through sixth grade nonprofit school for at-risk children and families.

Martin is the executive director of Prodigy Northwest, an organization that develops leadership and academic programs for gifted youth. Martin also serves on the Spokane School District’s STEM Design and Leadership Team.

Sundquist, a member of the Our Schools Coalition, served on the Seattle School Board for more than a decade. 

Note: Sundquist was not on the School Board for more than a decade.  He served just one term before being turned out.  Also, "high level of accountability?"  From Sundquist?  I'll have ask the Governor about that one. 

Update: Governor's office now says that Sundquist was on the Board "several years."  What's the problem stating he was a one-term Board member?  Hmmm.  ( They somehow mixed up his work record with his Board record.)  And apparently the Governor's office is not going to comment on Sundquist's Board record of "transparency and accountability."

Owen’s appointments are Kevin Jacka of Springdale, Cindi Williams of Bellevue and Larry Wright of Sammamish .

Jacka has been the superintendent of the Mary Walker School District in northeast Washington since 2005. He led a 10-district consortium dedicated to educational reform and served as the lead superintendent of the Rural Alliance, an organization involving a host of education partners to promote college/career readiness and college transition.

Williams has held a number of senior-level policy and communications positions in education including with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the U.S. Secretary of Education and the White House. Currently an executive with an education policy firm, Williams also serves on several nonprofit boards and is an advocate for children with special needs. 

Wright has an extensive background with youth-focused organizations at the state and national level. Currently managing director of the Bellevue Arts Museum, Wright previously led the National Mentoring Partnership in Washington, D.C., and was executive director of Washington State Mentors and marketing director of the College Success Foundation. He has served as an adjunct professor at Seattle University. 

“We are fortunate to have had an outstanding mix of applicants to serve as pioneer members,” said Owen. “We are confident that the people we’ve selected have the background and expertise to make some of the tough decisions necessary to establish academic excellence in these new schools in the months and years ahead.”    

Chopp’s appointments are Trish Millines Dziko of Vashon, Dr. Margrit McGuire of Seattle and Dave Quall from Mount Vernon.

Dziko is the founder and CEO of the Technology Access Foundation, a nonprofit organization that gets students of color engaged in science, technology, engineering, and math by partnering with education, business and community leaders. She is the co-chair of the Committee for Excellence in the Seattle School District.

McGuire is the director of teacher education at Seattle University and a specialist in curriculum development and social studies education. She authors an integrated social studies program, Storypath, for elementary and middle school grades and has t introduced a new preschool program, Pre-K Storypath.

Quall is a former Democratic state representative who served as chair of the House Education Committee for eight years. He was an educator in public schools for 38 years, and has a B.A. in education and an M.A. in education guidance/counseling from Seattle Pacific University. Quall is retired and lives in Mount Vernon.

Chopp's are the best appointments but I suspect they will be overshadowed by some of the other members.

“All three of our appointees have a strong history of supporting students and education in both the public and private sectors,” said Chopp. “They offer a depth of experience and diversity we need to make sure every child in the state gets the opportunity to succeed.”

The appointments are effective today. The standard term on the commission will be four years, though the length of the initial appointments will be staggered with the longest lasting three years. No commission member may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Very disappointed and surprised over Sundquist's appointment.


Disgusted! said…
Sundquist was voted off of the board for incompetence. Then, he gets a higher level job. One that voters can't touch. Outrageous!
Anonymous said…
Well, we always knew that charters would divert funds from public schools. The salary of Sundquist is just the beginning.

S parent
Well, to be fair, the Commissioners are not paid but will get travel, etc. reimbursed.
Just Saying said…
Sundquist = Cronyism. It has already begun.
Anonymous said…
I suggest people write to Inslee directly and tell him how disappointed they are in the Sundquist appointment. Tell him he was voted off the board because his constituents did not think he represented them nor did he keep a leash on the superintendent as he was supposed to do as a board leader. He certainly does not represent Seattle diversity of opinion around education.

I plan to let Inslee know that this is a huge mistake and that he needs to widen his education circle.
Anonymous said…
DistrictWatcher, angrily pounding keyboard keys, above.
Not a Sundquist Fan said…
Remember this:


Sundquist is going to be a doozie.
What is quite disturbing is that Sundquist ran saying he was AGAINST charters and yet mere months later was suddenly for them. Very odd.
Someone said…
What is quite disturbing is that Sundquist ran saying he was AGAINST charters and yet mere months later was suddenly for them. Very odd. - Melissa - I believe what you are seeing here is not "odd" but rather "politically expedient" - he was covering his bases until the coast was clear - definitely NOT the person I'd want on that commission - but hardly terribly surprising that one of the ex-Board members was appointed. I imagine if DeBell was free, it would have been him. Circles within circles - quell surprise ;)
Anonymous said…
Quite easy to let Governor Inslee know what you think of his selection of the duplicitous Mr. Sundquist to a position of oversight.

Sue in Zen Field
Charlie Mas said…
I wrote to the governor and expressed my disappointment with the appointment of Mr. Sundquist to the Commission. I explained why it was such a dreadful choice and I asked him to make Mr. Sundquist's term the shortest.
Watching said…
Thanks, Charlie. I am encouraging concerned citizens to write Inslee expressing their concerns and disappointment. I'm sure Sundquist is politically connected and that is why he was appointed.

Can you say cronyism? It is already starting.
Someone said…
I too have written - forgive my ingnorance, but what are the Commissioner terms?

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