Two Washington School Districts Apply to Be Charter Authorizers

From the AP:

The State Board of Education says two Washington school districts have formally expressed interest in applying to be charter school authorizers.

Those districts are Eastmont in East Wenatchee and the Highline school district south of Seattle.
Any school district that wants to authorize charter schools during the next year are required to tell the State Board of Education by April 1 that they plan to apply.

The News Tribune also has reported that the Tacoma School District will discuss the idea of joining that list at its March 28 meeting.

It will be interesting to see if any other school districts file by April 1.  Otherwise that will truly leave the Charter Commission as the place to go (as districts can only okay charters that open in their own districts).


carmaig said…
What happened to the constitutionality challenge of the charter initiative?
Anonymous said…
Innocent until proven guilty.

Carmaig, there's this thing called the justice system. Those wheels move slowly. The League of Women Voters, El Centro de la Raza and the WEA filed papers with the Attorney General, outlining the issues around 1240. If he declines to intervene, I suspect a lawsuit is coming.
Anonymous said…
Is Highline where Enfield went?

suep. said…
@ skeptical -- Yes.
Anonymous said…
Yes, Enfield went to Highline. And her best bud on the school board and apparently to this day Steve Sundquist went to the charter commission. And now Highline is one of only 2 districts applying to be a charter authorizer.

Coincidence? Highly doubtful.

District Watcher
Actually her best bud was Michael DeBell but she was also close with Steve.

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