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Wednesday, March 6th
 Announcement of Charter Commission members by the Governor, Lt. Governor and Speaker of the House.

Two-hour early dismissal for SPS.

School Board meeting at 4:15 p.m.  Agenda.  It includes:

- action on approving the contracts for the Arbor Heights rebuild (at about $24M which is much more in line with the costs in other districts) as well as for Cedar Park, Van Asselt*, John Marshall**, Thornton Creek (or "equivalent site), Pinehurst*** and Wilson Pacific (at about $62.5M).

I also note the introduction of an item to renovate Jane Addams with 5 new classrooms.  I think that shows that JA is running close to full (or will within another year). 

*I am a bit confused on this one.  Is the current Van Asselt population moving back here?

**I note that my concern over a new daycare at John Marshall may have been heard.  The action item is amended to say "minor revisions to existing child care space for before and and after school program."  Now that is quite different from "installation of a daycare facility."  They are starting fast - March 25th.

***For JA K-8 and this one is at the same price as Arbor Heights and TC, about $23M.  I would think a K-8 might cost more because of differing needs.

Thursday, March 7th (New!)
Taskforce on Assessments meeting at 4 p.m. at JSCEE, Room 2778.   The agenda looks like "what is the next generation of Common Core assessments?  Discuss technology requirements for future assessments.  Discuss/understand the new WA State teacher evaluation system.  

Saturday, March 9th
Community Meeting with Director Carr from 8:30 am-10 am at Bethany Community Church

The Seattle Neighborhood Coalition will continue with another session of “Speed Dating the Seattle Mayoral Candidates”.

The format allows the candidate up to 5 minutes for an introduction/stump speech, followed by 15 minutes to address a suite of issue areas of concern to the SNC, followed by up to 25 minutes of Q&A with the membership - a 45 minute date. 

We had our first “dates” on the February 9th when we were joined by Mayor Mike McGinn, and neighborhood stalwart Kate Martin.

This month we are joined by Council member Tim Burgess, former Council member Peter Steinbrueck, and State Senator Ed Murray.

Because of the nature of this meeting and its strict timing requirements, we ask that you arrive promptly by 9 am to order breakfast.  Our first date starts at 9:15.

SNC is pleased to invite you to this breakfast discussion on Saturday morning, March 9th, 9 am, at the Salmon Bay Cafe, 5109 Shilshole Ave NW.   This cafe is located south of central Ballard on Shilshole Ave.

Note:  Use of this meeting place is contingent on us placing a breakfast order.  Come hungry for food, information, and an active conversation about our city and the issues that confront it.  

This might be a good time to ask these candidates their thoughts on Seattle public education.


Anonymous said…
So who is on the Charter School Commission?

The Guv's office has a list of 2013 appointments and it is currently blank."

-- Dan Dempsey
Anonymous said…
So stay tuned in on Wednesday for the drum roll and red carpet .... and the winners are.

-- Dan Dempsey
Watching said…
I'm not seeing a list of applicants. I heard Blankenship got applicants via FOIA. Are the names of candidates public?
Well, there are a few that are known. They include:

-Liv Finne of the Washington Policy Center (that would be a big no from me as I find her thinking unmeasured)
-Steve Sundquist
- Jim Spady (the original charter supporter back in the day)
- Ryan Grant, a fifth grade teacher on the Fairchild Air Force base in Spokane (I think he would bring a good perspective to the group)

• A consultant who used to administer charter schools for the California Department of Education and now lives on Bainbridge Island.

• A former community college administrator from Renton.

• A former public school teacher and administrator who lives in Issaquah.

• A former classroom teacher who now focuses on school technology in the Centennial School District in Portland, Ore.

• A PTA activist and lawyer from Redmond who pushed the state PTA to support the idea of charter schools.

Why these names were not part of the article, I don't know. The article states that 18 people applied to the Governor's office. I think it is likely that about 30 people applied through all 3 venues.

But I believe (well, I know) that these are only the ones from the Governor's office (not the Lt. Governor or Speaker). I know of a couple of other people but I am not a liberty to give their names.
Unknown said…

At the last school board meeting DeBell asked about Van Asselt, and who would be moving In. Lucy Morello answered that they're getting the building ready "just in case" there's an emergency and a school needs to be housed there. Hmmmm....

-public school parent
Anonymous said…
The BEX IV planning scenario spreadsheet from May 2012 showed the World School moving into Van Asselt.

Lynn, that's right. I forgot. It would seem more logical to move World School in to the old AAA building and Van Asselt elementary back to their old building.
Unknown said…
World School's slated to move to TT Minor.

-public school parent
Josh Hayes said…
Just FYI, Sharon Peaslee and Phil Brockman have floated the idea of moving Pinehurst into a farm of portables at Broadview-Thompson starting in the 2014/15 year. It's kind of a crappy solution, but it does preserve cohesion, and the principal there is a buddy of the principal at Pinehurst: they could probably work out access to the library and gym and such.

It's not a done deal or anything, but it's the first coherent proposal I've heard from anyone who can actually make something happen. I'm hopeful.
Anonymous said…
@ Josh But is your news being proposed as a final solution or an interim solution for Pinehurst?

For interim, makes a certain kindof sense. For final, not as much.

Capacity Wonk
Anonymous said…
I see Cedar Park being the permanent solution for Pinehurst after the OlyHilla rebuild and move out.

~NNE parent
Josh Hayes said…
I don't think there's been a "final solution" (now THERE'S an unfortunate phrasing) proposed for Pinehurst. Several options are being considered, largely involving cohousing with existing schools (the B-T idea, and Lowell has also been suggested). I have to admit, since my youngest child will be out of there before the move happens, my gaze has drifted from this issue a bit in the last year. I think the Cedar Park location would be good, but man, it's really peripheral. That's a tough thing for an option school, planting it waaaaay up in the corner of the district (where it already kind of is, right?).

But it's early days yet. At least they seem to be seriously thinking about doing SOMETHING constructive, rather than just closing it and hoping everyone will just go away.
Jan said…
Josh -- what I am hoping for Pinehurst is that they can get a building that is "right-sized" for them (a bit bigger than now, because I know they are trying to grow, but not big enough for others to covet, because covet they will) -- and that for whatever karmic reason -- works for virtually no one else in the District. That way, maybe they can be left in peace to grow their program for awhile.

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