Former School Board Director Cheryl Chow Dies

It has been announced that former School Board President and City Councilwoman Cheryl Chow passed away today.  She was 66. 

Chow had been ill with lymphoma since 2011.  She was married to her partner, Sarah Morningstar, on March 16th. They shared a daughter, Liliana who is five years old.

Chow had an relentless concern and commitment to children as evidenced by her decades-long career as an educator and as a basketball coach and Girl Scout leader.

The Times reports a memorial will be held at Town Hall on April 20th but no other details are available yet.

Condolences to her family which includes four brothers. 


Watching said…
The Family and Education Levy was instituted by Cheryl Chow and Norm Rice to help children in gangs.

Thanking Ms. Chow for her service.
On a personal note, I also wanted to add that Cheryl had very good manners. After I served on a Board Committee, she was one of three Board members to personally thank me and she did via a hand-written note. I very much appreciated that personal touch.
seattle citizen said…
Cheryl Chow was dedicated to the children of Seattle. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.
Thank you, Ms Chow.

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