STEM Expands in Washington State

From GeekWire:

The UW Board of Regents officially approved the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) last week. It’s the first school in the state to combine all of the STEM fields into one academic unit.

The school of STEM will bring together two existing programs — computing and software systems, and science and technology — and house them under one school.

The creation of the school was also due to the increased interest in STEM-related degrees — enrollment in the computing and software systems has doubled in the past 15 years.
The school, which now serves more than 600 students, will offer seven undergraduate and two graduate degrees, with three more (Chemistry, Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering) coming in fall of 2014:

  • Applied Computing (BA)
  • Biology (BS)
  • Climate Science & Policy (BS)
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering (BS and MS)
  • Cyber Security Engineering 
  • (MS – begins fall 2013)
  • Electrical Engineering (BSEE)Interactive Media Design (BS) Mathematics (BS – begins fall 2013)
In other STEM news from GeekWire:

In overwhelming fashion last week, the Washington State House voted 95-3 to pass a new bill in the Washington State Legislature that may allow computer science classes to count as a math or science requirement toward high school graduation. The bill now moves onto the Senate.


Anonymous said…
Just to be clear, this is at the UW Bothell campus specifically, which really is experiencing tremendous growth.

UW Parent
Jet City mom said…
I hope high schools stress the differentiation between classes that are required for a high school diploma and classes that are required to apply to college.

I would hate for students to be in my shoes & have 4 yr schools shut to them because they werent aware of requirements. ( keeping in mind many applicants will have more- & the UW is not wanting for computer science majors)

Requirements to apply to UW
College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR)
Subject Credits Required
English 4
Mathematics 3
Social Sciences/Social Studies 3
World Languages 2
Lab Science 2
Senior Year Math-Based Quantitative Course 1
Fine, Visual, or Performing Arts 0.5
Academic Elective
Jet City, every high school I have ever checked makes that clear in written materials. But is really is important for students and parents to make sure what they need for any given college or university. Most of the high schools no longer have college/career counselors.
Anonymous said…
Not only do they need those classes, but they need a high GPA—at least to get into the UW. College is becoming out of reach both financially and due to lack of space. I'm glad WA state is developing more 4-year campuses; we need them.

Solvay Girl
Anonymous said…
4 year colleges are becoming something of a luxury - and only for the elite. Most will not attend them. But check out the 2nd tier community college route. Houston Community College has about 60,000 students. Wow.


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