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Reminder: meeting about boundary changes in the far NE region:

Olympic Hills Elementary Parent Teacher Association invite media to attend a Seattle Public Schools community meeting to discuss race and equity issues surrounding 2017 boundary changes February 9th, 6:30-7:30pm in the Cedar Park Elementary cafeteria.

From SPS:
In September of 2017, a new middle school will open in the NW Region.

Robert Eagle Staff Middle School will serve students from Greenwood, Olympic View, Northgate, Broadview-Thomson, Daniel Bagley, and Cascadia schools.

Meetings to discuss the hiring of the planning principal for this new middle school will be held at four sites. Parents of current 4th and 5th grade students are invited to attend to hear more about the hiring process and the planning that the new principal will lead during 2016-2017 to ensure a successful launch of the new school.

Parents of 6th grade middle school students at Whitman and 6th grade HCC students at Hamilton, whose reference school is one of the schools named above, are also invited to attend.

Meetings are scheduled on the following dates and times:

•February 17th at Bagley Elementary (6:30PM - 7:30PM)
•February 18th at Northgate Elementary (7 PM to 8 PM)
•February 24th at Greenwood Elementary (7PM to 8PM)
•February 25th at Cascadia Elementary Auditorium (6:30 PM to 7:30 PM)
All meetings will take place in the lunchroom unless otherwise noted at the school site. Spanish language services will be provided at Northgate and Greenwood.

Learn more about the new school on the Seattle Public Schools' Building Excellence Program website.


Anonymous said…
Viewlands and Whittier are both listed in Eagle Staff's service area on recent enrollment documents, but not on this list for "interested parents". Which is correct?

Anonymous said…
Thanks for helping us get the word out, Melissa.

OH Parent
Anonymous said…
Viewlands and Whittier will not go to Eagle Staff. They will go to Whitman.

Anonymous said…
On this document from enrollment services dated 10/15, Whittier and Viewlands are listed in Eagle Staff's service area. I'll try to get this link to work:


Is there something more current than this?

Anonymous said…
This map was last updated 12/16/15:


Anonymous said…
A HUGE chunk of the current Viewlands attendance area will be going to Olympic View in 2017. Olympic View's new attendance area will span both sides of I-5 and extend west of Aurora. The Eagle Staff MS boundaries are based upon the 2017 elementary school boundaries. So, while technically Olympic View is going to Eagle Staff and Viewlands is going to Whitman, lots of kids currently at Viewlands will be drawn into Eagle Staff. There really should be outreach at Viewlands, as well...especially given their large ELL population.

- North-end Mom
Lisa said…
Thanks for the update about Eagle Staff, Melissa... could you let us know where these meetings were announced? Can't find it on the SPS website. Thanks!!
Lisa, it was in a reader comment but I believe it was SPS Communications.
Lisa said…

Thanks, Melissa. I am also perplexed by this message because it it seems to say that HCC students from the listed reference areas will be Robert Eaglestaff students, but previous information indicated that HCC students from Whitman and the new RE-S service areas would be assigned to RE-S. And then it also includes Cascadia as one of the schools whose parents are invited, but of course Cascadia's "service area" includes kids from all across the north. Odd.

Anonymous said…
Won't Green Lake boundaries change as well? Some HCC students in the Green Lake assignment area could change from JAMS to HIMS or RE-S. Do we know for certain that Green Lake will be assigned to HIMS, or will it stay part of Eckstein? I thought the decision was going to be based on capacity.

Lisa said…
I have emailed Flip Herndon and Jacque Coe (Communications person) to ask them to provide clarification about the announcement. I'll pass along whatever answers they provide.
Rising 6th said…
Lisa, There are many odd things, but I don't think including Cascadia parents is odd. Most folks know if their kid will end-up at JAMS for sure, or if they are part of the uncertainty of HIMS/RES. I would guess the folks east of I-5 (for a loose description) would not attend the meeting, but I would think everyone else including QA/Mag has an interest since HIMS is such an unknown. Looking at SPS's projections, RES is an unknown, too. It looks like Whitman could have the room for NW APP and maybe HIMS for QA/Mag and Wallingford kids. Unless, of course, they draw kids back into Whitman's boundary. Putting Broadview Thompson back into Whitman makes sense.

Again, the District knows what they are thinking. There's no way they are so incompetent to not be thinking. If they'd share, we'd have a lot less parents trying to figure it out.
Anonymous said…
An update was in the Hamilton PTSA newsletter today. It stated that:
"Parents of 6th grade middle school students who live in the areas served by the elementary schools listed above are invited to attend, as are parents of 6th grade HCC students who live in the Whitman service area." So I understand that to mean that only HCC kids at Hamilton whose live in the middle school reference area of Whitman will be moving to Robert Eagle. We are upset as our child had to joined the HCC cohort this year in 6th. Now will need to leave newly made friends (again) at Hamilton for 8th. We were hoping some of his friends would be moved with him to Robert Eagle, but none live in Whitman service area. Then he will move to another school-high school just one year later. Wish they could grandfather the 8th graders.

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