Friday Driving; Beware Because It Will Be Worse (Than Usual)

I rarely, if ever, go out by car on Fridays after, say, noon.  Why? Because our already bad traffic is even worse on Fridays.

Well, today it will be much worse because the Huskies are playing a rare Friday evening game (versus Stanford) and the Sounders Mariners have a game as well. 

So good luck to you if you are out and about but be aware of these events tonight.


Michael Rice said…
Actually, it is the Mariners, not the Sounders, but your point is a darn good one. My wife and I are catching the bus at Northgate at 4 to get to the Mariner game that starts at 7:10
Anonymous said…
We parked at the UW and took the light rail to a Mariners Game. Wasn't too bad.

Thanks, Michael.
Anonymous said…
And I am working at home today because darn HP is in my parking space at the U....;-)

SusanH said…
We also have Garfield's homecoming game, at 5 pm at Memorial Stadium. That'll be a breeze to get to, I'm sure.

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