The Other Part of this Big Day

 Update: from Summer Stinson at WPD:
The Supreme Court could: continue to find the State in contempt and increase or alter the sanctions to include non monetary sanctions to coerce State compliance, (2) keep everything as is, or (3) find that the State has met the Court's orders and purge the contempt order.

According to the Times, the State's attorney, Alan Copsey, saying the Legislature has made adequate progress.  Oddly, Cropsey also said the $100K a day fine had compelled the Legislature to action (that is certainly not readily apparent, especially from comments made by some legislators.)

end of update

Other than the first day for Seattle Public Schools, it is the day the Washington State Supreme Court is to give their response to the State's response on McCleary.

Will they bring the hammer down and smash all the tax breaks and tell the Legislature to start over, starting with public education?


Luckily, Summer Stinson of Washington's Paramount Duty will be in court to listen.  She's a lawyer and helped to craft a friend of the court brief to the SC on this case.  I'll wait for her report and feedback on what she sees today.

Update to come.


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