Welcome Back

Please, please remember yourself and remind neighbors and friends, watch for children crossing the street to schools.  STOP for school buses when red lights are flashing and the stop sign is out from the driver's side of the bus.  Use caution at all times.

Best of wishes to all the students, parents and staff as you start your new school year!
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Anonymous said…
It would be nice for Seattle DOT to set up the school zone warning lights to the new start times. I was really surprised to see no lights flashing on the signs near my son's school in Wallingford during the time when kids were walking to school. Last year, they were always on when kids were walking to school.

Anonymous said…
SUV honked aggressively at me and sped around me when I was going 20 in school zone this morning. Readers here know it's school, but tell your coworkers!!!

And the city definitely needs more flashing type school zone signs - the ones on 130th west of I-5, by Ingraham, for instance are super lame. And now HS kids are around during heavier drive-time.

-- math counts
Anonymous said…
1) The Source is up and running, and individual SBAC/EOC scores are now posted.
2) Ask your child what default password is being used for their schoology account and then ask yourself if that leaves both their account and personal info vulnerable. We will be asking our kids to get their default passwords changed ASAP. What were you thinking, SPS?


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