Let's Do Better By All Kids

Apparently this is still going on. 


Anonymous said…
It is interesting that Boy's Life is tied to the Boy Scouts but Girl's Life does not appear to be tied to the Girl Scouts.

Patrick said…
Very effective photo.
Charlie Mas said…
Boy's Life is, as stated, associated with Boy Scouts of America.

Girl's Life is a commercial enterprise with the goal of gathering eyeballs for advertisers.

From the Girl's Life web site:
"What is Girls' Life?
Founded in 1994, Girls' Life is the premier magazine for girls ages 10-16 focusing on fun stuff like fashion, beauty and celebs along with real information and advice on friends, family, school, tough stuff and more."

They aren't really comparable.
Patrick said…
Okay, but what is a magazine for girls that's comparable to Boy's Life?
SusanH said…
Just saw this on Facebook this morning: Kazoo Magazine.

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