Friday memo from September 9

Not nearly as much interesting stuff in the Friday memo this week when compared to last week.

In fact, a lot of the content for this week is recycled from the previous week.

It does, however, include an odd letter from Michael Tolley about delayed start for kindergarten addressed to "Dear Parents" with this sentence: "We appreciate the efforts you are undertaking to support your children in their schooling and the larger school community at BF Day, who are benefiting from your wife’s involvement in school leadership."

I don't know who edits the Friday memo, but it feels like an early draft. There are a lot of odd sentences and organizational choices.


Carol Simmons said…
Interesting that certain items in testimony were not mentioned in the Friday memo.

Lip service continues to be given by the Board and Superintendent toward the goal of the elimination of the opportunity/disproportionality gap and yet the Board approved resolutions that contribute to it and postponed the resolution that included the improvement of Indian education. They continue to ignore the resumption of the District Data Profile document. They continue to ignore the Disproportionality Task Force recommendations. They approve documents that contain the continuation of out of school student suspensions for non violent offenses and they allowed the perpetuation of racial imbalance in the district. Why?
Anonymous said…
Why do the progressive continue to blow the false racial imbalance horn?

Not Helping
Anonymous said…
Carol which racial imbalance, you mean in regards to discipline? Ted Howard solved that at GHS by telling the boys they were the leaders and desegregating non-segregated classes. Seems simple enough right?

too true

Charlie Mas said…
"false racial imbalance"
What false racial imbalance? Is the disproportionate discipline false? Is the disproportionate referral to Special Education false? Is the disproportionate participation in advanced learning false? Is the disproportionate pass rates on state proficiency tests false? Which racial imbalance is false?
Anonymous said…
Yes, there are imbalances, but it's not race that is creating them. The progressive race baiting modus operandi has been outed. You guys need a new angle.

Not helping
Charlie Mas said…
Regardless of what is creating the imbalances, they are indisputably along racial lines. So there are imbalances, and they are racial imbalances, and they are not false.

Attribution analysis and discussion of the roots of the imbalances are another topic.

Acknowledging the imbalances does not constitute "race baiting". What's the alternative? To deny or ignore the imbalances? How would that help?
Carol Simmons said…
Not Helping,

What do you mean by "progressive race baiting modus operandi being outed." Let's have a discussion. Please identify yourself, or contact me personally.

As Charlie posted "Acknowledging the imbalances does not constitute race baiting." How would it help to deny or ignore the imbalances?

Thank you

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