Teen Shot Near Garfield

There was a shooting this afternoon near Garfield High; the victim walked into the Garfield Teen Life Center just before 4 pm.  It appears a 17-year old male was shot but no word if this was a student.

My Northwest is reporting that the suspect, "in his mid-to-late teens" has been arrested. 

The latest tweet from SPS says "after-hours lockdown at Garfield and Nova Schools now lifted."


dj said…
The principal robo-called about the incident and did not say anything one way or the other about the status of the suspect and victim as students.
Anonymous said…
From Capitol Hill blog - a lot going on on the Hill today...

"Hiller on Monday, September 12, 2016 - 6:19 pm said:
Was this (shooting near Garfield) related to the lockdown at SAAS and NWS and the guy with a grenade on Madison or is it just crazy day in the neighborhood?

Apparently unrelated... CapHill Parent
Charlie Mas said…
The Seattle Times reports that the victim is a student in Seattle Public Schools, although not necessarily at Garfield.
Anonymous said…
Also of note - most news outlets report that the suspect is still being sought. No arrest made in connection with the shooting.


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