Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Teacher Talk on KUOW at Noon

KUOW's The Conversation will be featuring a segment called "Teacher Seniority versus Skill." That sets the tone right away. Here's the blurb:

When schools lay off teachers, it's last hired, first fired. But should seniority be more important than skill when it comes to the tough choices? We'll hear about a proposed change in state practice. Plus, what makes a great teacher, anyway? Who's the best teacher you ever had? What made them great? Call us and share your stories.

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Dora Taylor said...

No! to Senate Bill 5399: It’s Not Fair to Our Students or Our Teachers

Dora Taylor said...

In fact, while on the subject of legislation, see: The Governor’s Education Restructuring Bill: Bad Idea

dan dempsey said...

Try this article:

Can we fix our failing schools?

Clearly KUOW needs to be asking better questions. Seniority has so little to do with this problem.