FYI - Family Concerts at Town Hall

I picked up an announcement at Town Hall last night about upcoming Saturday Family Concerts. They sound like fun and hey! kids 12 and under are free, adults with a kid just $5. Info at Town Hall.

Upcoming dates are Feb. 26th, March 19th, April 9th, and May 7th.


seattle citizen said…
There is another interesting event coming up at Town Hall Seattle, our wonderful community center on 8th and Seneca: The 4th Annual Urban Poverty Forum.

For those who got a taste of Town Hall Seattle last night, and those who've never been, I encourage you to check it out. A non-profit center established about fifteen years ago in an old, wonderful church building, they host music, theater, authors, discussions, and any other thing someone thinks of to put in the space. It is also available for rental.

It's a great asset, and I encourage support for it. (Nope, I don't work for 'em, not even currently a member, yikes, gotta renew! just an avid supporter!)
seattle citizen said…
Oh, and the forum is THIS SUNDAY, so get on it!

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