Thank You

A reader pointed out that Charlie and I don't thank our readers and followers of this blog. That person is right about us never having done (to the best of my recollection) one thread dedicated to thanking you for reading this blog. (This person pointed out that people thank us so why don't we thank you?)

Here's part of what was said:

You have never thanked them for taking so much time out of their busy days to post, comment, read, send you tips, and generally contribute to this blog. That's odd to me because without your followers there would be no blog. A little sign of appreciation is in order, don't you think?

First, I strive to always thank (and credit) readers who suggest a good thread topic as well as thanking people who send me information via e-mail.

Second, I don't know about Charlie but I probably would write this blog even if there were just 10 readers. The point of the blog is to give information and hold the district accountable.

Third, I do honestly appreciate everyone who comes here, even those who disagree with Charlie and myself. It would be a dull place without the many opinions here. So thank you all very much.

I do take a little issue with "taking so much time out of their busy days." Folks, believe me, I know you are busy. When my kids were still around, I know how much work I was doing, keeping them on track, helping at the school, keeping house and hearth going plus those of you who work outside the home.

Of course, then there are the challenges that life throws at you that you don't see coming. Like a serious illness within the family or like an aging parent who needs you.

Charlie and I don't just sit at home. We read articles, go to meetings and forums and everything else. (I see many other people at these meetings who I know are readers and activists.) I track a lot of sources for info on-line (plus try to check the many articles and websites that readers direct me to). And then we write. I honestly know that I don't write as well as I should. I get busy and am just trying to churn stuff out because so much of it is time-sensitive.

The blog has to be fed it every day so that we can keep our readers interested. There always seems to be an educational fire a day. We could post once a week. We could just never answer any of your comments and questions. But that's not the blog we want.

In conclusion, of course, thank you. Bless you for your interest and input.


Greg said…
I think we should be the ones thanking you. I certainly appreciate the visibility you provide with this blog. I appreciate you attending long and dull meetings, writing the board, and talking to the district. I appreciate you taking the time to understand the issues and explain them to others. Thank you, Melissa and Charlie.
Anonymous said…
Melissa and Charlie, you don't need to thank me. But you're welcome. Thank you for all your thoughtful work, and for giving us a place to meet, learn, discuss, vent... basically, get to know each other and the district. I haven't found that anywhere else.
I can check the blog at my convenience. No need to fit meetings into my schedule... You do it for me. Thank YOU.
Charlie Mas said…
A lot of stuff that shows up in postings can be sourced to the District. These stories have their start in news from the District and District meetings.

A lot of stuff that shows up in postings comes from the contributors.

A whole lot of stuff that shows up in postings comes from readers. Our readers send us news and we write the post. I like those stories best.

For me, this blog isn't my diary or Mel's diary. It isn't a broadcast from us to a wide audience. The communication doesn't flow in just one way - or even just two-ways. This blog is about peer-to-peer communication.

We are strong because we are a network with members who are teachers, student family members, classified staff, and even administrators. We have members in all parts of the District, in all schools, and in all programs. We have readers and commenters with first-hand knowledge of just about everything happening in the district and they can report it here.

It is the network that makes the blog useful, valuable, and meaningful.

Mel and I are not the only reporters for the blog. We are legion. The Board and the staff can look out at their audience and not see me or Mel, but they shouldn't think that their words won't appear here.

Yes, Mel and I go to a lot of meetings. So do Dorothy, and Helen and Sue. So do many others. At any given meeting - from a budget workshop to a community forum to a Board Director community meeting - no matter how few people are there, there is an excellent probability that a first-hand account of the meeting will be on the blog within 24 hours.

It is the network of readers and commenters that make this blog what it is. Not the contributors.

This isn't even our blog. It's Beth Bakeman's blog.
Bruce Taylor said…
Thank you, Recognition Seeker, for making me conscious of the ache I've felt, but have been unable to identify until now.

I'm in this public education racket for the glory, baby.

I chaperoned my daughter's elementary school dance last night.

You know what to do in the comments, people. Show me the love.
Gouda said…
I was going to post to Melissa - was that a thank you to yourself or to your readers?

But Charlie, thank you for your comments. That is the nail on the head. It is many who make this blog, and it is, in fact, Beth's.
Anonymous said…
Bruce, you are a god to me...

Mr. Ed
Greg said…
Well, Gouda, I wouldn't discount the work Charlie and Melissa put in. As I said earlier, I appreciate what they do. But, right, as you and Charlie said, there are a lot of contributors and many who take the time to go to the meetings and follow the latest out of the district, and then offer what they learned here for the rest of us here. I appreciate that too.

Since we are talking about contributions and requests from readers, Melissa, have you done a post yet on Cathie Black in New York? Seems to be quite controversial from these articles:

But I can't tell if there is more than a few verbal gaffs to object to. Are her actions the issue? From what I can tell, all she has done is started the process of closing a few schools that have had very bad performance for years and then reopening them in the same locations, though a bit smaller, under different leadership. Is there more that people are objecting to? Certainly seems to be a lot of accusations of racism flying if those articles give any flavor for what has been going on. I don't know what is going on there, but I thought maybe others here might know if we could start a discussion on that sometime?
Anonymous said…

And to the seattle whiner who isn't getting their boo-boo kissed, and who isn't getting the Barney "I Love You" song to them every 15 minutes -

Charlie & Mellisa do a LOT of work for the community. BTW, there are BILLIONS of people in the world without access to clean water and sewage disposal. grow up & stop whining.

Gouda, you are somewhat mistaken in whose blog this is but that is an understanding between Beth, Charlie and myself.
StepJ said…

Mere words do not express…

The night air itself felt tense, awkward, the poles pulsing opposite vs. attract.

And then…”The Chaperone” arrived.

The mirror ball gleamed. The stars shone brighter, planets aligned, harmony and rhythm returned to the dance floor.

The District, the city, our Nation, our Planet, and yes…our Universe is in your debt.

Thank you, Thank you, to infinity…Thank You.
Anonymous said…
I want to say thank you to Melissa and Charlie as well as a number of the regular commenters. I find this blog to be very helpful. I don't comment very often - but I often check the blog to see what's happening. Jane
Maureen said…
I like being thanked as much as the next person, but I certainly don't expect it from anyone here, especially Charlie and Melissa. I do really appreciate being called on it when I make a mistake or get obnoxious. I really don't want to spread disinformation or offend people. It seems that almost everyone who posts here agrees with that. Thank you all!

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