Help Daniel Bagley Get a New Playground Covering

Daniel Bagley Elementary has entered a contest to try to win $6,000 to re-cover their asphalt playground with a softer surface.

Please vote for Julie Allen (#21 on the list) at this website, Verity Mom. The voting ends at noon this Wednesday, the 2nd, so please do this soon. I note that nearly every entry has a person doing a cartwheel (the theme of the contest) and so this is a unique entry.

Good luck to Brown Hair Rabbit and Daniel Bagley!


Anonymous said…
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Bruce Taylor said…
Hamilton Middle School is also participating in this competition.

Hamilton is growing a music program similar to those at Eckstein and Washington.

Although the reconstructed Hamilton building opened only a few months ago, the school has no auditorium, and the "stage" in the common area is inadequate.

I know -- incredible, right?

HIMS would like to purchase portable stage extensions that facilitate large bands and orchestras.

So please also watch video No. 37 and give consideration to HIMS.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Bruce for the nod to HIMS and #37!

Could this thread be updated to include HIMS also?

HIMS Parent

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