Financial Scandal Hits Seattle Schools

I copied that headline from the Seattle Times story. I take no happiness in this news. I knew about this, warned about this, and Dorothy and I were trying to ferret out the whole story. Apparently, documents got leaked and this report got out before the SAO was quite ready to release it.

To let you know, earlier this month I wrote a white paper and sent it to the Mayor, the City Council, and the entire Seattle state legislative delegation. I called it "Approaching Storm: the Coming Crisis in Seattle Public Schools." I did not include any information on this story as I had to make sure I had the facts in hand. This just adds to what is in the report.

Coincidentally, I have a meeting today with Councilwoman Sally Bagshaw.

When I first became aware of Silas Potter and the Small Business Program, I was suspicious. As we were told, the money spent over the last two years on this program had to be paid back to the Capital fund from the General Fund. That is one reason we have such a large gap - $1.8M got shipped over from our General Fund. We might not have lost our elementary counselors.

If you had looked at the list of classes and other public entities involved in this program, you had to ask what was going on. How was this part of the purpose of SPS?

You have to know that there is NO WAY Silas Potter did this on his own.

Fred Stephens knew and likely so did Dr. Goodloe-Johnson. (Did they know about Mr. Potter's plan for the business on the side? Maybe not but they knew what the SBP was doing and okayed the funding.) There are multiple players in this whole affair.

How long the Board has known of the investigation, I don't know. I do know that I warned the Board about this more than a year ago.

Okay everybody, deep breath. If you have been around awhile, you've been through this before with Joseph Olchefske. If not, well, it's painful and worrying.

But most of our schools run well in spite of the district. Your children will go to school and find the same teachers, principals and staffs that they know and you know.

I know what I believe should happen.
  • Dr. Goodloe-Johnson should leave.
  • Don Kennedy should leave.
  • Dr. Enfield should be appointed interim Superintendent.
  • They should hire an interim COO.
Remember the Gates' grant and the transformation plans for every single school? We need a complete look at the district and create ITS transformation plan.

Lastly, the Board needs to take the Moss-Adams report in hand AND the SAO audit from July 2010 and make a plan to follow those words to the nth degree.


Inside as well said…
Add to the list the District lawyer who was charged with Potter's program; Ron English.

He was between Stehens and Potter. If he knew (and how could he not) he should be gone and if he did not know, he should be fired.

Also, how could Don and MGJ NOT know what Potter was doing, he had his OWN WEBSITE and featured a glowing testimomonial from her about how great it was.

C'mon people, lets all admit the "Emperess has no clothes".

We would'nt want Enfield, she is a MGJ hire and would be more of the same.
speducator said…

Absolutely FABULOUS work on this. I am sick to my stomach when I think of the good this money could have done.

I hope this doesn't affect public sentiment on the upcoming Families & Education Levy.
Anonymous said…
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seattle citizen said…
Is this why the district argued that some contracts did not need Board approval? Remember the recent TFA board discussions/testimony? "It's not for curriculum, it's for personal services! No need to read further, no need to comment, no need for your approval...we've got it covered."
"NWEA contract? Why, uh, yes, I'm on that board. I swear I'll get off their board as soon as we've renewed the contract. (The MAP training, btw, is going swimmingly: ALL educators now use MAP regularly, of course, because they are highly trained in this system, and they are being evaluated using its spewed numbers, uh, data. Furthermore, the individualized supports MAP 'data' points to are in place: Counselors are working hard, career advisors are helping students, IAs are assisting teachers, library assistants work with students, custodians are keeping the schools clean for better learning, Oh, wait, we cut those jobs, didn't we...Well, uh, teachers are differentiating!")

The problems of privatization via contracts...Buy MAP and TFA; fire support staff.
Zebra (or Zulu) said…
I agree that Enfield is a poor choice. Her reformist dogma is scary.

There are numerous retired Supt's around the country that would likely step in to steer SPS for awhile. How about that guy from Vancouver, WA that retired recently?

If MGJ survives this we are going to start calling her the "Teflon Superintendent."
Anonymous said…
If you have not already done so, take screenshots of the website with MGJs fingerprints. It will most likely come down shortly.

And great work!!!

WenD said…
Melissa, the minute I saw the Times headline, I opened up another browser to see what you had to say. I count on you, and you've never failed me in reporting what's going on. I first read about Silas Potter and his program on this blog about a year ago. As I posted in another thread, the fact that he resigned and stayed on as a contractor mystified me. This is why I have little patience for people who blast you for being negative. You're not. You're doing what the board SHOULD be doing all the time.

I vividly remember Olchefske, and the head of finance who resigned, and the budget hole and the Board's weakness in the face of it all. The only notable memory was Mary Bass as the lone voice of reason. At this point, who on the Board can come out of this with any credibility?
mirmac1 said…
Here's the report. I want to note that Dorothy Neville chastised the Board on this point at the SAO Construction management performance audit public hearing.
mirmac1 said…
Susan Enfield is in bed with MGJ and Kennedy. She should hit the road too.
You'll note I said "interim" for Dr. Enfield. I think she can keep the boat steady until we find the right person for the job. If we lose both Dr. G-J and Kennedy, that's a lot of leadership lost at the top. (Not that I don't think things could run without them but you need someone there.)
mirmac1 said…
Finally, who wants to lay bets Brad Bernatek has his own new business on the side with "guess who" as a client?
Anonymous said…
Fred Stephens was also part of the whole game the district played in the Sealth rebuild misrepresentation. See this (amongst many examples)

I knew I recognized the name and googled Fred Stephens Sealth. Hasn't been honest for a long time.
Maybeth said…
My vote is for Phil Brockman!
Anonymous said…
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mirmac1 said…
Time to set up an online petition to finally can MGJ and post it on the Seattle Times comment thread.
J said…
How about a non-career politician as interim? How about the reasonably well respected former principals of Charlie Chin (retired so no political axe to gain) or even Phil Brockman. I realize there are other respected principals besides Ballard's class, but..
Noam said…
Hey, nobody "misled" the superintendent! She has known about this for years and was an active participant.

Its not "scapegoating", its called (wait for it) "Everyone Accountable". REMEMBER?
A.Samuelsen said…
Does anyone know the 'official policy' around who takes the Supe. position if there is a sudden resignation? Enfield would very much be more of the same--So is there a 'chain of command' they reference in times like these? Also, Melissa, I would like to see Sundquist move down the road...
Anonymous said…
Steve "the tool" Sundquist. His "outrage" is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said…
Mirmac, I don't think MGJ is the issue here. The issue is the board. The board has failed to govern early and often.

I agree with the other poster (you forgot to sign your name up there) that the current Chief Academic Officer would be a poor choice even in the interim. Talk about smoke and mirrors. Does the board ever get a straight answer out of her on anything?

Unknown said…
Dr. Susan "I'll get back to you on that" Enfield as interim/replacement superintendent? No way. She has NO credibility with teachers, or in fact anyone that's ever interacted with her. She is neck deep in Goodloe-Johnson's agenda.

Phil Brockman. Former Ballard Principal, now Northeast Regional Director. From Seattle. Knows Seattle. Loves SPS, and is very well respected. Knows teaching and learning.
My brain went on auto-pilot in terms of an interim (look at us, like it's a done deal). I have more faith in Susan Enfield than some of you but yes, I think Phil Brockman would be great for several reasons.

Teachers respect him.

Principals respect him.

No taint from administration because he's so new to his position.

Highest integrity.
speducator said…

I respectfully disagree with you. MGJ hand-picked her buddy, Don Kennedy to head up finances for the District. If Don Kennedy didn't know what the hell was going on, then he should be fired. If he did know, and did not share it with MGJ, he should go to jail. This scandal will go deeper and implicate more people than we could ever imagine. Le's see shall we call it Seattlegate, or Mariagate?
Josh Hayes said…
speducator wrote:

"I hope this doesn't affect public sentiment on the upcoming Families & Education Levy."

That had not occurred to me, but the second I read this, I realized that of course it will. We all knew how tainted SPS was on money matters, but now everybody does, and it's simply not possible that this won't change some "yes" votes, either to "no" or simply no vote. How sad.
I'll make the point here and on KUOW and anywhere else I can.

This is a CITY levy. The CITY controls ALL the money. The City has accountability and transparency about where all the money goes.

The District was part of the discussion over what might be in the levy but the Levy Committee had the final say. The district WISHES it could control the money but the City is pretty firm on the "no" to that question.

But yes, this is what I worried about back with the Supplemental levy.
Unknown said…
Phil Brockman for interim- not Enfield. She is deceptive and has willfully misled on the science alignment issue. I do not trust her.
mirmac1 said…

Sign this petition and send it to other concerned friends and family.
WenD said…
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WenD said…
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Kathy said…
Special thanks to Dorothy, Melissa and Meg for keeping an eye on district finances.

I remain concerned about central handling of funds. I also remain concerned about Dk's non-sense babbling.

I've seen MGJ and S. Enfield ignore the needs of middle school students that are already three years behind their peers. I vote Phil Brockman. Would love to see Kay Smith-Blum as Superintendent, but I believe she isn't available.
A.Samuelsen said…
Mirmac, I can't open your petition.
WenD said…
I'm fascinated, but not surprised, at how we're already crowd sourcing MGJ's replacement, and although I agree, she needs to go, my enthusiasm is curtailed by the fact that it's not just her.

It's the board, top tier administration, even their former lead counsel.

Wondering where I first read about the Small Business program, I went back to Mel's post from 8/18/2010:

"Next, to the finding about the Small Business program in SPS. This program morphed into a $1M a year program with over 40 classes, some of them being taught by SPS staff. And, the district’s own lawyer admitted at a BEX Committee meeting that most of those people who took the classes never even placed a bid for an SPS project."

Note: This lawyer would be Ron English?

"After the audit came out, we saw the dismissal of the head of the program, Silas Potter.

"Then that same lawyer tells a group of people at a Facilities meeting that Mr. Potter is starting his own private company doing the same thing with the same name and somehow got an SPS contract to pay for his offices. And, that the district will pay for it because the district doesn’t want the former head to take them to court."

Mel goes on to ask:
"Why would the district pay an obviously bogus contract? Or the bigger question, why is it the more financially prudent choice to pay off this contract rather than take it to court? What is it that the district doesn’t want aired in court?"

The last question from the archive post was this:

"Last question, according to the auditor, the money used over the last two years for this program, which is roughly $1.8 M, most of it has to come back to the capital fund from the General Fund. I would like to know where the district is finding over a $1M to move from the General Fund to the capital fund.

"You talk about 'every dollar going into the classroom' during teacher negotiations but it seems clear the money goes in all directions and there really is NO attempt to rein in spending."

So now it's out in the open. In terms of the levy, how is this scandal going to play with the City? I'll be somewhat surprised if certain heads don't roll, but which ones?
mirmac1 said…
Okay, I'll try another link:

otherwise, cut and paste this into your browser
Orca mom said…
And Mr. English was a presenter at some of Potter's "classes" as well.

What is it the pro-democracy protesters in Egypt shouted; "LEAVE,LEAVE,LEAVE!".

If I had a picture of MGJ, I would throw my shoe at her.
Dorothy Neville said…
I have a lot of the emails referenced in the SAO report. I am preparing them for public access as I write this. Additionally, I have two reports critical of the Small Works Program from January 2009! These are the two reports I mentioned and quoted from in my testimony at the Feb 16th public meeting about the Construction Audit. My point being that getting an audit is useless unless the folks in charge follow up and fix the problems.

So, while I am preparing these emails, a random-seeming question. Does anyone have any information linking the district to the "First Thursday" of May 2010? Is there anything named First Thursday other than the monthly art event where galleries are open with new exhibits? (I have a weird email linking two players and this event.)
Name said…
it makes me mad that the thing that will bring down the Super is financial shenanigans rather than the harm she has inflicted on school communities and staff. I hope this all brings about a broader (ha pun intended) investigation into her tenure as Super.

I definitely think we should get someone respected from in house to replace her and then hire an outside financial person for the COO to go in and clean house before the next budget is set. Imagine, someone actually holding district staff accountable for disclosing real information.
hschinske said…
Here is the First Thursday info (if I've done the link right).

Helen Schinske
Dorothy Neville said…
Ah. Thanks, Helen, that is obviously the event referenced in the email. More to come.
I was just interviewed on KIRO radio. They seem keen to find out what businesses profited from this program. I think that it may be hard to prove that in a clear manner. What the Auditor says is that the money was not always tracked to work done AND that the work was not to support SPS. So work may have been done in good faith and wasn't proper under state regulations.

I'm not worried about the money so much because there's nothing that can be done at this point. I want a forensic report about how this came about, who knew and then where we go from there.

As I said on KIRO, I don't believe that Don Kennedy OR Dr. Goodloe-Johnson did anything illegal or were trying to profit in any way BUT they did not provide the oversight they should have. Bells should have gone off when this much money was being spent.

Time will tell if Mr. Potter or Mr. Stephens have done anything actionable in a court of law.
Anonymous said…
Here is Silas on You Tube.
Orca mom said…
Yes, thanks Helen.

That link also gave me a photo to throw my shoes at.

MGJ was in this from the start and NEEDS to be gone NOW.

No waiting for a trial by her cronies.
Maureen said…
Here's a link to the SPS Organizational Chart as of 12/17/10.

Can someone tell me where Ron English fits on there (under Noel Treat? Or inside Facilities?)? Fred Stephens used to be the head of Facilities and supervised Silas Potter. Has that position been empty since he left for DC?

On the Former Broad Resident Resigns thread, "Paul" says:
The wholerogram (sic)was a dirty little secret and no less than Cordell Carter was one of the enforcers who made sure that even talking to anyone that might talk about it, got you a quiet warning to "keep your mouth shut or work elsewhere".

So does that help explain Carter's very recent resignation?
Orca mom said…
Thanks for the Utube. Now lets find MGJ's video telling how great the program works. That was on his website last summer.
Anonymous said…
I believe that the best candidate for superintendent would be someone from the community who has been here for awhile, understands the different neighborhoods and appreciates the strengths of our communities and programs.

Possibly a respected and seasoned principal who many admire for their judgement and understanding of what works and doesn't in terms of educating our children.

I don't have anyone in mind but it should not be Enfield. She has been indoctrinated and probably has already developed ties with Broad, et al.

Remember how it became Enfield's personal project to get Teach for America into our schools?
Maureen said…
Reposting Anonymous' (pick a name please) You Tube video of Silas Potter.

And a link to a Puget Sound Business Journal article about the Small Business program. Note this excerpt:
In 2004, $11,500 worth of Garfield contracts were awarded to small and women- and minority-owned businesses, while in 2008 the total had grown to more than $2.2 million.
dan dempsey said…
Just a reminder....

The $800,000 New Tech Network School Board Action Report, submitted by MGJ with Enfield as the lead was based on a forged memo not the original. Enfield signed off on the submission of evidence to the court, which contained the incorrect copy of the memo not the original.

Give me someone, who actually has the ability to improve the system with the intelligent application of relevant data.

Sorry altering versions of "supposed truth" to submit to the court... Enfield style just will not cut it.

Forgery is a class C felony.

I've requested that the Board file a police report in this matter.
dan dempsey said…

Charlie Mas said…
Ah! Mr. Carter's sudden resignation now makes sense.

Notice how all of these folks are being allowed to resign? Notice how everyone connected with the scandal is getting dis-connected from the District? There won't be anyone left to fire when it comes time to hold people "accountable". There won't be any firings because there won't be anyone left to fire.

Mr. English, Mr. Kennedy, and Dr. Goodloe-Johnson all need to go.

cascade said…
No Charlie, not "now".

joanna said…
I don't intend to let anyone off. Ron English should not get off. I think he was much closer to this than Don Kennedy, not to say that he is an innocent. Is there a diagram somewhere that indicates a line of responsibility? Who reports to the Superintendent? Who reports to those people etc?
joanna said…
Who profited? Which company/companies? I think this would be important in giving the public some overview of how it happened. Both the path to lack of oversight and where the money went are important.
wseadawg said…
Why are any SPS dollars going to a program designed to train & educate private sector small business & minority groups on how to do business & take money from SPS anyways? I'm sorry but WTF?

Isn't this why we have the SBA and numerous other trade groups already? Don't we already have millions of incentives and programs to assist small business folks, minority or not, in place? This is nothing but a "hookup" plain and simple, and just another program that fleeces taxpayers and siphons dollars out of the classroom.

What did their pamphlets say? "Come and learn how to put tax and school levy dollars in your pocket!"

This is unreal, but yet another example of what happens when everyone confuses the mastery of jargon with actual competence and leadership. Could you believe that jargon-stuffed "systems, controls, procedures, Hal: do you read me? letter from MGJ? What a joke! She speaks and writes like a robot from the old third-rate Dr. Who episodes.

We closed schools and laid off teachers to save dollars while crap like this was still going on? Immoral and indefensible. How many of those dollars supposedly helping minority business owners were meanwhile being stolen from struggling minority kids who really needed it? Nice priorities.

Something is very, very rotten in SPS. The whole mentality and mission needs to be purged, disinfected, re-programmed, and reoriented. They've completely lost their way.

And apologist Board members deservedly look like utter fools right now. When will they ever learn?
Paul said…

"wholerogram" was supposed to be "whole program".

What Mr. Carter did was spy on anyone whose loyalty to MGJ was in question and report it when they were seen talking to anyone else suspect (1984?). Then the message was made clear "Keep your mouth shut or look for work elsewhere".

Thats the motto around headquaters and his whole function.

Oh, and the "ethics policy" she now makes a big thing about? Please note that there is no appeal process on claims of retaliation.

Nothing has changed, they will fire "leaks" and say there was no retaliation and then we are simply out.

Thats her way.
Dorothy Neville said…
Laura Weiner wrote about this program in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Minority business Entrepreneur. She interviewed some of the businesses involved. Of course, we do not know if these businesses are ones on the up and up who benefited from the legitimate program or ones that were involved in anything shady.

It's really too bad, because now any small business that was affiliated with this program will be tainted, no matter their actual involvement in the nefariousness.
Anonymous said…
Reg: Mr. Potter. i found an article from 2009 where the team of stephens and potter stated the classes that were being offered by the district saved a total of $787,000 in lower cost contracts from those who attended their classes. Of, course they didnt say how many of those who actually attended the classes were winners of the low bid contracts. so it cost the district 1.8 mil to save 787K, not a very good ROI.

The article also states the classes were being taught by volunteers and people from the district. if this is the case then why did it cost 1.8mil?
This happened on MGJ's watch as well as the Boards, they all need to be accountable. meanwhile the schools struggle to maintain the classroom.
Anonymous said…
Oh Gawd! They pulled that number out of their *ss! They didn't have the before and after to compare $$ to.

Anonymous said…
i appologize in my previous post, the district claimed to have saved 870k since the program began in 2004, not the 787k i mentioned. this is the story. sorry for the mistake
Name said makes a good point.

Bring in the best person from the outside for COO but we need someone who knows our district to be Superintendent.

Folks, this is a long and winding road with more to come. There's more to flesh out (and sadly, maybe more money lost). Have faith, though. We are going to, as God is my witness, going to come out the other side a better district.
Paul said…
Then stop deleting my posts.

I'm minding my manners.

When others refer to them, I need to be able to see what I said.
Sue said…
I'll just say that I really doubt the superintendent will be fired over this. Same with Don Kennedy. I just don't think the current board has it in them to ask for her removal, and it seems like the spin on the story is in. The folks who are going to be blamed are already gone.

I wish I could believe that she would go - but I just can't. (And I remember the Olschefske days)
Anonymous said…
As a district employee I am outraged by this misconduct. It makes me ashamed to say I work for the district. With the money that was mishandled we could have provided summer school for many deserving children. Now we are dealing with greed and corruption at the highest level. I am sick of MGJ and her ideas!!

Go Phil Brockman for interim Sup. A man of great integrity and real concern for students and teachers.
SolvayGirl said…
Not only is the levy at stake, but so are teachers' contracts etc. as per the current situation in WIsconsin. Note how many of the comments on the Times' site makes this all about the unions. What a mess!
Anonymous said…
I don't want it to get deleted and lost. I am reposting what anonymous said, It's important to hear what those inside think.

begin repost/

As a district employee I am outraged by this misconduct. It makes me ashamed to say I work for the district. With the money that was mishandled we could have provided summer school for many deserving children. Now we are dealing with greed and corruption at the highest level. I am sick of MGJ and her ideas!!

Go Phil Brockman for interim Sup. A man of great integrity and real concern for students and teachers.

/end repost

concerned parent.
Anonymous said…
The Seattle PI is reporting that the Urban League was paid with funds from the program. The longtime head of the UL, James Kelley, very recently resigned. Charles Rolland, another city political insider, also was paid with funds. Rolland not too long ago tried - and failed - to carve a place for himself as the head of the parent-rights-in-SPS organization CPPS. (Now headed by an actual parent!) Another person billing through the program worked for the Port on government lobbying.

Not saying these 3 people did anything wrong. They may not have known a thing. But definitely saying that this was a game, played with taxpayer money, that targeted and benefited Insider organizations and people. It's exactly what little ol Outsiders like me fear. It makes me ill. I am DISGUSTED by our district, and yes, that is even with remembering the Olchefske debacle.

Reluctant poster said…
Unfortunately, in the past 2-3 years Phil Brockman has also drank MGJ's Kool-aid.

He isn't the same man now as an Ed Director as he was a Principal. While a still a good man he has demonstrated in multiple ways, including key roles representing the District in recent CBA negotiations, that he is a full member of MGJ's team now.
Anonymous said…
Reluctant poster is right - the rally should be for an outsider, not an insider. PB is definitely an insider. We need somebody with a "you've got to be kidding me" management perspective on the mess that is Central Office SPS.

ma'am said…
Sorry for the double post (I put this on the Audit link thread too) but in light of the anonymous district workers post here I thought it was appropriate.

from the audit:
[i]Environment: District program staff stated, although they had concerns about the program, they did not bring them forward due to fears of reprisal. We found many District employees were unaware of the District’s whistleblower and anti-retaliation policies or did not trust the policies.[/i]

If the Superintendent was not directly aware of the fraud taking place she should still be fired for promoting a climate where employees are/were scared to speak up against top staff. She nominated these guys for awards and publicly endorsed the newly formed company. From the School Beat Oct 29, 2009
Seattle Public Schools receives award for role in helping small businesses
Superintendent Maria L. Goodloe-Johnson, Ph.D., accepted the "Pillar Award" for Seattle Public Schools at the first annual 2009 Regional Small Business Development Program (RSBDP) breakfast held October 13. This program assists small business owners and their employees in developing the knowledge, skills and capabilities to compete for government contracts. Also receiving the Pillar Award are program partner-sponsors Sound Transit, Port of Seattle, Washington State Department of Transportation, City of Seattle and Tacoma Public Schools.
There is a picture of all three crooks together:
Anonymous said…
Lest we forget, much of this started with Board Member Sally Soriano. During her re-election campaign, she talked endlessly about how this program brought best practices to the district and how she pushed for it.

I had a huge debate with her during one of the election forums where I asked her to explain how this program could do anything other than take money out of the classroom. She didn't have a good answer then and so I voted for Peter Maier.

What does it take to get someone that can do the job on the school board?

- ne parent
kprugman said…
Our district's legal counsel asked for $800k out of the General Fund. The Board finally had the will to say no. The Curriculum Director asked for $90k to be spent on 'another' online school. The Board once again (albeit reluctantly) voted no...

Seattle School Board should be pressured to resign. We put the screws to another Board and all but one left. But not much has changed - I'd like to see every one of them go to jail.

One of our new board members has proposed turning vacant farm property, the district bought at $65k per acre into a state prison.
This town is so broken financially that it will probably cease to exist in the not to distant future.

Its a terrible shame that we've got lying, stealing crackpots running all over teachers and the largest numbers of high school dropouts of any industrial nation. Anyone want to emulate Wisconsin or Indiana, first go visit Louisiana's school system.
seattle citizen said…
For a look at SPS's Small Business Development Program offerings and presenters (who also, don't forget, might have profited - were presenters paid for their presentations?, see this link, posted on the Port of Seattle's website (the Port was one of the "partners" in the expanded, "Regional Small Business Developement Program" that evidently sprung out of SPS's SBDP and continued to be run by SPS employees out of SPS offices)

This links to a list and description of classes offered, and also a list and bios of presenters.

Were presenters paid? How much?
The Real Arnold said…
@Megan - do you mean this picture (about a third of the weay down the page)?

Potter and Friends
Guichon said…
@Dan Dempsey: Yada yada yada....Why don't YOU file the report Dan???

"Just a reminder....

The $800,000 New Tech Network School Board Action Report, submitted by MGJ with Enfield as the lead was based on a forged memo not the original. Enfield signed off on the submission of evidence to the court, which contained the incorrect copy of the memo not the original.

Give me someone, who actually has the ability to improve the system with the intelligent application of relevant data.

Sorry altering versions of "supposed truth" to submit to the court... Enfield style just will not cut it.

Forgery is a class C felony.

I've requested that the Board file a police report in this matter."
Anonymous said…

Yer kiddin' me, right? The PA, police, and state AG could give a sh*t about any crimes parents or teachers report. Their response is "it's not my problem/job/purview."

Pauly said…
Melissa, is there a link to your report somewhere. I'd like to read it.

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