Former Broad Resident Resigns

Word comes that Cordell Carter, one of the Broad residents who remained on as a hire at SPS, has resigned. For a time, he had been a special assistant to Don Kennedy, the COO, but recently was the director of School Services. He oversaw such areas of student transportation, child nutrition, etc.

I don't know why he left or who will replace him. (I'm thinking that the heads of those departments could just report directly to Don Kennedy.)

That leaves just one former Broad Resident, Jessica de Barros, as well as Dr. Goodloe-Johnson who went through the Broad Superintendent Academy.


Charlie Mas said…
Wow! He just got that job.
dan dempsey said…
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dan dempsey said…
Hey great news.

Does this mean only two more Broadies need to leave?
Eric M said…
What did he get caught fibbing about?
WenD said…
Can we start a new thread on Silas Potter? (See school scandal story in today's Times.)
WenD said…
Not trying to highjack this post in favor of the Silas Potter scandal, btw. But from my jaded perspective, SPD'S missing $1.8 million and an AWOL Silas Potter make Carter's reason for leaving that much more interesting.
Paul said…

I suspect you will get a lot of feedback from staff who have been under MGJ's mandate of silence for almost 3 years about the secret that everyone knew about but she would'nt allow to be mentioned.

The wholerogram was a dirty little secret and no less than Cordell Carter was one of the enforcers who made sure that even talking to anyone that might talk about it, got you a quiet warning to "keep your mouth shut or work elsewhere".

Many of us inside the 'Queendom" have known for years but she is brutal and will stop at nothing to keep her image up.

Bet Silas was at the "Carving Station" even though he was not heading to retirement.

THIS MUST be the beginning of the end.

And now she wants the rest of employees to be furloughed to make up this money?

Remember, when she left Charleston and contractors gave her a lavish party/ball, she called community protesters "tacky" in the paper.

Set the tone for her reign here as well.
Inside as well said…
The lawyer guy who was responsible for oversight of Potter's activities is still there. His name is English I think and he should be next to go.

Only problem is that knowing MGJ, she would immediately hire him (personal service contract anyone?) as outside "Ethics Officer".

So it goes.

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