Monday is PTA Focus Day at the Capital

Boy, I apologize; I let this fall off my radar.

Monday is PTA Focus Day at the State Capitol in Olympia. Here's a link to the WA State webpage with info. There will be a noon rally (with a police escort) to the Capitol steps.

Also, here's an e-mail to sent to the Speaker of the House, Frank Chopp, and the Senate Majority Leader, Lisa Brown. (This from Ramona Hattendorf, Government Relations Director, Washington State PTA.)


Dear xxx,

Will you help us save our ABCs?

Monday is Children's Day at the Capitol. The Parent Teacher Association will be there with our kids rallying on the steps, and we hope you'll take a moment to consider the incredible importance of education to their lives. Our K-12 schools need your support, or we'll lose a generation of learners. (Yes! the cuts are that bad.)

We need Basic Education funded. It's paramount.



Find your legislators:

And if you can't make it? CALL. Get 5 friends to send an email. Write a letter (with a stamp!) Post a You Tube video. What you can't do, and what you can't let your friends and neighbors and local civic officials do, is stand quietly by while Basic Education is gutted.

We have 1 million kids in public schools. We need 1 million voices speaking out.


Anonymous said…
Does anyone know what the plan is to keep the Focus Day "focused"? With the SEIU and the union march in Olympia the same day as the PTA the effort will be diluted and disrupted.

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