Have a Young Writer at Home?

PBS station KCTS 9 is sponsoring a writers competition for young story writers from Washington state and B.C. From the news release:

Seattle PBS member station KCTS 9 encourages young writers from across Washington state and British Columbia to enter their original stories in the PBS KIDS GO! Writers Contest, a competition designed to promote the advancement of children’s reading skills through hands-on, active learning. The effort encourages children in grades K–3 to celebrate the power of creating stories and illustrations by submitting their own original stories and illustrations.

KCTS 9 will actively partner with schools, public libraries and other literacy organizations to implement the Contest. Children will be encouraged to write and illustrate stories and submit them to KCTS 9, which will select winners and award prizes. Winning writers will also have their stories recorded for on-air broadcast on KCTS 9.

Application forms and additional information will be available online beginning February 1, 2011.

Major local funding for the PBS Kids GO! Writers Contest is provided by BECU, proudly supporting literacy for children in the Pacific Northwest.


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