Race To The Top Racing Towards Us?

Well, it looks like it could if the Obama administration has its way on education funding in the 2012 budget. (Oh man, can it be I'm going to side with the Republicans on this one?)

From a NY Times article in today's edition:

The 2012 budget proposal includes $900 million for Race to the Top, which the administration says would be awarded this time not to states but to school districts. That would make it possible, for instance, to channel money to Houston or other districts in Texas, which wanted to compete in the Race to the Top initiative but could not because their states declined to participate.

Some House Republicans are skeptical of the program, however, and — like other line items in the education budget — it could face trims or elimination as Congress works on its own and the administration’s budget proposals.

What this could mean is that Seattle can submit a proposal on its own. Now, of course, we don't have charters and last time around, despite Secretary Duncan's assertions to me, our alternatives don't seem to count for much for RTTT. And the money! I can't imagine how much time and money it would cost to put together a proposal (but hey, I'm sure the Gates Foundation would fund it).

Other items:
  • Arne wants $600M for School Turnaround grants ($54 million above 2010)
  • Title 1 would get $14.8B ($300M more than 2010)
  • Pell grants would go up (but Republicans want to cut this funding down)


dan dempsey said…
The 2012 budget proposal includes $900 million for Race to the Top, = More Bribes for lunacy.

RttT has ==> at its core completely unproven methods to fix schools.

Mr. President of Hope, not the methods of past politicians, got huge campaign donations from the "Billionaire Boys". Result = The bankers and billionaires have control of the message.

The President, our Governor, and apparently most politicians support failing ideas to fix failing schools.

Instead of using proven practices the "Billionaire Boys" have things on track to fund "Disruptive Innovation". We already saw this "Race to the Bank" by KnowledgeWorks Foundation with the $800,000 New Tech Network contract.

That is the contract with the forged document that MGJ and CAO used in producing the action report. Note the Gov's office completely resists investigating this forgery, even though I gave them all the documents.

Billionaire Boys Rule and don't you forget it.

Gov's Office Letter


This is not about siding with Republicans. This is about siding with kids and producing effective efficient schools based on sound educational research.

That means siding against Dems and Repubs quite often.

Look at the US DOE's refusal to act constructively no matter which party is in power.

As always ....
lots more on my BLOG about this.
dan dempsey said…
Education Decision-Making is all about politics.

The concerns of Wealthy Adults ...
definitely trump the intelligent application of relevant data

==> Kids perpetually lose, when it comes to the failure to provide effective efficient methods for academic advancement.

Both political parties are a complete embarrassment just like the Seattle Central Administration and School Board.
cascade said…
God help us if RTTT is available at the district level while our current superintendent is still here.
Sahila said…
bitch moan, bitch moan, bitch moan... when will there be any doing - loud, public doing? Not negotiating (its all beEN negotiated and compromised away), but a loud public doing of ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

And yes, I do have a right to ask the question (and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, as I have in the past)...

I moved back into Seattle city limits last week, within the Thornton Creek and View Ridge zones...

Wonder where they'll put my son if I enrol him next month?

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