Endorsements From the Seattle Medium

Here are the SB endorsements from the Seattle Medium, part of the Black Press USA network.

Seattle School District
Director Dist. 1
Sally Soriano

Seattle School District
Director Dist. 2
The Incumbent, Darlene Flynn, voted to close MLK Elementary School and has done very little to earn the support of our community, or advance the cause of Black children.

Seattle School District
Director Dist. 3

Seattle School District
Director Dist. 6
Maria G. Ramirez

They only clarified their position on District 2 and not 3 so it is unclear why they chose not to endorse Harium Martin-Morris, the other African-American candidate.


Anonymous said…
WHy because he is African American?
Anonymous said…
To anon 5:52 pm:

Yeah, that's why.
Well, because it's a specifically African-American issues-based newspaper and because they singled out Darlene (African-American) for their belief in her lack of attention to black children. If they mentioned her, I would have thought they would mention him and they didn't.

No ulterior meaning.

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