Program Placement Policy

This week, a Program Placement Policy will be introduced for action by the Board.

The proposed new Policy reads:

"It is the policy of the Seattle School Board that programs be developed, replicated, and placed in support of district-wide academic goals that address systemic needs and support quality education for all students. This policy addresses the development of new programs, the replication of existing programs, as well as the closing and/or relocation of existing programs throughout the district. School Board Policy F21.00 delegates to the Superintendent the authority to make all program placement decisions. In making program placement decisions, the Superintendent should endeavor to:

1. Place programs in support of district-wide academic goals,
2. Place programs equitably across the district,
3. Place programs where students reside,
4. Consider input from stakeholders in the decision making process,
5. Utilize physical space effectively to assure that space needs are met across the district,
6. Ensure that fiscal resources are taken into consideration, and
7. Fully analyze the impact of any decision before it is made by using data, research and best practice.

On an annual basis, the Superintendent shall report program placement decisions to the School Board, including describing how the decisions work to achieve the above listed criteria.

Pursuant to this Policy and School Board Policies F21.00 and B61.00, the Superintendent shall establish administrative procedures that set forth the program placement process, including an annual review cycle, and distribute the same annually to the School Board, Principals, and Program Managers, and make them available to the community. Anyone, including principals, managers, teachers, students and parents can make a program placement request, in the manner set forth in the administrative procedures."


Anonymous said…

This line scares me:
School Board Policy F21.00 delegates to the Superintendent the authority to make all program placement decisions.
How does this affect the SLC's ability to override bad program placement decisions with highly capable programs - like the APP split last year?

Perhaps it's always been this way and D12 coexists and essentially overrides F21 in particular cases. Comments?
Charlie Mas said…
The Board has no authority to overrule a program placement decision by the Superintendent - with the singular exception of APP (per Policy D12.00). Actually, the Board was giving the Superintendent an extremely beneficial interpretation by not simply prohibiting the middle school APP split, as any ordinary reading of the policy would dictate.

Moreover, the new policy only says that the Superintendent "should" endeavor to follow the guidelines. It doesn't say that the Superintendent "must" follow the guidelines.

I'm not sure that it is all that enforceable a Policy.

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