Monday, October 29, 2007

Respect and the Ability to Work Together

So I'm down at the Simple Majority headquarters (my son and his friend were making phone calls to encourage people to vote for it - they actually enjoyed it) and I see Cheryl Chow and Peter Maier making phone calls (good for them). And then I glance up from my reading (I wasn't making phone calls but reading a draft of the Facilities Master Plan) and there was Steve Sundquist making calls as well. I looked back down for awhile and when I looked up again who was sitting right next to Steve making calls? Maria Ramirez.

Those two could have easily sat far apart but they didn't.

I wish they could both be on the Board.


Anonymous said...

I heard Sherry Carr was there later - and Tim Burgess, too. Good on them!

Several years ago (well before kids and Seattle Schools were in my field of vision), I got phone-banked by John Stanford for the operating levy - at least I was awake enough to know who he was, and it was beyond impressive to see him putting his money where his mouth was.) (Or vice versa, actually.)

I wonder if notables like candidates, electeds and other leaders know how powerful their example is.

SPS parent said...

I agree with you Melissa! It's great to see opponents working side by side for the good of all. Steve VS Maria has been the toughest of all for me. I am ultimately going to endorse Steve, but if Maria makes it, I will be just as happy. I think they are both great, and like you, I wish we could have them both on the board.

Anonymous said...

Having spent time with both Steve and Maria at the Times and the PI three-person group interviews. I found them both wonderful people. I think that either one would be a good board member.

Steve will be able to devote more time. I have not voted yet and am still thinking tending toward Maria at this time.