Facilities Survey

I don't know how many of you had heard (or seen) but the Facilities department is taking a survey. Here's the info from SPS:

"The Seattle Public School District is in the process of updating the existing Facility Master Plan. The planning process is an aggressive effort to outline a systematic schedule of improving Seattle School facilities. In addition, this document brings together major School District policies, studies, and documents into one document that affect District facilities and guide in the future direction of capital construction projects (BEX/BTA), facility use, re-use, re-purpose, and/or closure.

A facilities survey can be downloaded by clicking this link:


Please return this survey to your local public school by November 15, 2007 or mail your completed survey to:
Surveys - Seattle Public Schools
Facilities Planning
MS 22-336
P.O. Box 34156
WA 98124-1165

Questions:Please call 206-252-0699. Thank you."


Charlie Mas said…
I'm happy to see that the District is re-writing the Facilities Master Plan. Although the current document is still pretty new, it contains inaccurate information about the facilities and there is no planning in it. I hope the Sounding Board folks can put together a more accurate and actionable document.

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